Sunday, September 25, 2011

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22 Jan 20:10:30 illuminati bed bugs 2009/08/demonic-bedbug.html
22 Jan 07:08:06 english language is a living language 2009/04/english-is-living-language.html
22 Jan 04:54:25 short poems about trains 2009/05/planes-trains-and-automobiles.html
21 Jan 01:42:02 nude picture of k.d.lang 2009/05/before-kd-lang-there-was.html

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  1. Dearling Dahhhling Carry Bradshawsss, have you not the new Tori Amos Album which is ( more than usual and exactly ) variations on CLASSICAL themes ( meaning songs) ? Plus she's pimping out her daughter just like her daddy did to she!

  2. I sense a Divine has visited mine blog. I have it not, Celestial Entity...but immediately I wax hungry for its tawdry splendors! Who but YOU would know this? Bitch better not be abusing "the power of orange knick-ahs." She must have gotten hit on da head by a Bossendorfer, if so. Please say it ain't so. If this IS you, I think you're we're right about the "puddle of H.I.V." slam. That was ridiculous over-rationalizationh on the part of his partisans---as if he's some sort of champion of high school chastity, Mr. Anti-Promiscuity himself. A walking After School Special, he is, pure guv'na. I agree with your more succinct "WTF does that even mean." I think it means he'll say anything to get attention, just what your post heading said. I mean, read the man's Wiki; he can't be gay on "literary" grounds. People would read his novels "wrong." And, like you, I'm a fan of some of them too. But he deserved to be called out. He does look a little fragile though. In the way that horrible people always are. lol xoxo Stay Pink, Ponyboy. Stay pink.

  3. Oh, wrong Divine! But I know who you are now. Has to be who I think....

    You can only be one of two different people...either we once amused each other back in da stone age deep into da nights long ago. other...but...I....don't. think. so.

    Hey, I miss you! Hope all goes well.

    I'm sure it's you now. Now I find embarrassed...because you've seen what a mess I can be!

    Oh well, was it ever any different, really?

    Now the xo's have to go out to


    Oh well, at least I'm well behaved. Even when I thought it was the Pink One I didn't make a girlish squeal.

    It must have truly entered the Middle Ages. I have the courtliness and sel-possesion of a....well...a courtier....

    (cough cough)

    (cough cough)

    'scuse me while i get a drink of water...