Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Good Songs to Sing at the Bus Stop

I think I'm going to just have cotton candy for Thanksgiving.

Don't watch this if you have a headache. Or you get them easily.

One of the bestest videos ever though.

Cazwell is 100% swag.

And Amanda's...ok...ay.

I love the way she pronounces "Cotton Candy" as though she has a cleft palate or something.

I think it's supposed to be a "ghetto diphthong." You know, like "aight."


  1. There should be a special big, pink Thanksgiving fairgrounds where Amanda & Cazwell hand out coht-unh can-dee, and we can go on dizzying rides over and over again to this song! A.

  2. Disagree. Disagree. Disagree. ( tree time ) These two are the Kardashians of the "gay scene" and "gay world". They are the Kardashians of their own invention. This is when the gay snake eats itself and gags on it's own tail.

  3. Ooh...snap! I love them. The Kardashians don't have any visible talents (well i could only stomach a few episodes) but I love Cazwell's sense of humor and his rap style...he's a gay man who raps (well)...not a "gay rapper"....the sort always getting propped up by gay mags like "C'mon Bros..let's support this 'gay rapper'"...who is usually terrible...I think Amanda would admit she lives promote herself and that she's not the strongest musical talent...she needs a lot of help...but when she gets it she can be fabulous in that (yes...this word is ANCIENT!!) camp way....but to each his own, a chacun son gout....if the music makes you wanna shake your ass then it's working (theirs does)...obviously your ass ain't shakin so....but snakes? ay yi yi! i like the slitherin!