Monday, December 12, 2011

christmas poem

"Porn buffering" rhymes with "world suffering."
I worry about getting worms.
I mean the cultural stuff.
The selfish kind.
Don't get caught
saying "kids blow."
Big out-of-context art
is the only kind sells.
Out-of-context people,
however, do not.
If you're feeling too abstract,
for god's sake eat something.
A concrete object saves.
Not the yogurt of reason,
but the pudding of desire.
Eat a younger person
of a sex you're attracted to,
I promise it can be like a refrigerator
dropped out of an airplane
and coming through
the roof of a big pig funeral.
Your funeral.
Death will interrupt
your dying many more times.
Oh we have a real badass here.
You could create a Twitter account
where you speak
as an actual asshole
engaged in exploring the world
without any of the senses
normally assigned to a face.

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  1. That's quite a nice and beautiful christmas poem. Thanks for sharing them :)

    Happy holidays!
    Anne Walker
    Short Christmas poems