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For Anyone with Information on Patrick Robert McStay's Whereabouts, PLEASE READ

I'm promoting a comment left on one of my posts on the McStays to a post here, because I think it's very important.

I have every reason to believe this is a legitimate comment, but if anyone discovers this is not accurate, please notify me immediately so that I might delete this.

But it seems totally legit.

(Note: I did just make a call to the district attorney's office in New Orleans to verify that this individual does indeed work there. Because I was worried when I Googled his name. I didn't see this information tumbling through the media as I expected it to. Nick Geraci seems to share a name with a well-known fictional character (Google it if you don't believe me) in crime fiction. Mark Winegardner novels. So that set off alarm bells thinking this might be a hoax. That's why I went to the trouble of verifying with the phone call. The receptionist tried to transfer me before I could explain that I didn't need to talk to Mr. Geraci. So if you read this, Nick, and you're wondering why a PA number hangup showed up on your caller i.d., that's the simple answer. I don't have any tips. I was just trying to be responsible.)

This is very disturbing news.

Because my optimistic theory about what might have happened to the McStays might just collide with this very scary fact.

People have been saying for some time how disturbing and counter-productive to the investigation Patrick McStay's behavior has been.

And the documentaries tended to gloss over or not even mention this individual.

A mote to trouble the mind's eye.

God, I hope this is not related.

But J.M. and S.M. did have their names affiliated with an "online business" (real estate) that looked very sketchy (see that online sleuths website for more on this) that was started by Patrick McStay.

You tend to think you can trust your own father.

But seeing this, and knowing that they could have had hundreds of thousands of dollars in cash on them....not good.

But it could just mean that there was criminality on the part of one or both of the higher-profile McStays. It could point in that direction. That in their desperation for money, they turned to Joseph's father for "help." And perhaps got embroiled in either a trap or something that went horribly wrong south of the border.

It could be that whatever investigation was closing in on Patrick McStay was narrowing the noose rapidly, and he decided to join them or went his own way. That is, if he is even missing. At first that's how I read the notice about the warrant. That he was missing. But rereading it, it sounds as though it might just be a case where Louisiana is not getting the cooperation it wants from Texas law enforcement.

But this new fact could play into the other facts this way:

1) They were in business together (even if the visible business they shared didn't seem to make any money).

2) They vanish.

3) A warrant is later issued for Patrick McStay (did he vanish or is Texas just not cooperating with extradition?)

4) We have the border crossing video when their car was parked right at the border (walking distance).

5) I think it's more probable he shared in their reason for disappearing than that he was the reason for their disappearance.

6) I still say they are all alive.

P.M. (J.M.'s father) would probably be one of the only people on the planet he'd trust enough to listen to if told to travel into Mexico by night and take his kids. Even if it was some sort of illegal activity. Because everyone (myself included) asked if you were going to do something that dangerous, why take your kids. If you had complete assurance from your father, you might.

But if this guy had his son and family killed off in Mexico (and I definitely don't believe they died stateside if they are even dead) he has to be a total sociopath. And people usually know if someone's a sociopath by that age. So I would think there would be a seriously scary history that people (including law enforcement) would know about.

Alternatively, P.M. could have got his son and daughter-in-law involved in criminal activity he thought would net them serious money, and then sent them (unknowingly) into a death trap. That might explain why we haven't seen him participating in any of the high profile coverage of the case. And I had read he was criticizing law enforcement's strategies and handling of the case. Maybe that's because they weren't listening to him and following his misdirection?

I'm hoping it's jut a matter of collusion or--even better--that it's unrelated to the disappearance.

But it is worrisome.

The District Attorney’s Office in New Orleans is trying to locate Patrick Robert McStay. The information we have is that McStay lives at 17726 Seven Pines Drive in Spring, Texas.
The Harris County Sheriff’s Office has been notified numerous times with reference to outstanding felony warrants in Louisiana. If anyone can locate McStay, please contact your local law enforcement agency. The DA’s Office will extradite. McStay’s warrants are in the NCIC national system.

Nick Geraci
Criminal Investigator


  1. Short commemt.tonight due to my phone internet running slow. Did u notice that no new comments have been approved on the main mcstay website since last week? I agree that new developMents have come forward.since the E! Taping. sorry for the short post. Hg etting ready for the holidays. Gonna keep my eyes open for new info and.say.a prayer for family !Kristy

  2. The domaine name on the email address checks out. So, this may be legit.

  3. if u tead this link or googlejoseph robert mcstauy an old lawsuit document from texas in the 90s appears. I didnt understand it fully. But it says that mcstay was absent from the statw for 655 days andso theyre werent able to recoup rhe money from a property that was in his name. And amazingly. The mcsray family has now been gone that same amount of time!

  4. How do we know Patrick McStay is missing or has vanished (point #3 above)? Do you have any additional details about that? He could very well be in Texas at the address indicated, but New Orleans economic crimes investigators in the DA's office can't necessarily run over to Texas to check; that's where the warrant comes in handy, that and extradition.

  5. I don't think you should post his address publicly...and you are certainly jumping to alot of really horrible conclusions. for the sake of....?

  6. What? More info please. What do they want him for?

  7. Miss Elaine: I guess the d.a.'s office chose not to release that information (at least not in the post they made here).

    Other commenter: I didn't originate that post. The New Orleans d.a.'s office did. I'm presuming they know the law and what information they are allowed to release--and in what manner.

    I vacillated between a number of possibilities. I didn't draw any conclusion except that I stated (and hoped) that all are still alive.

    Why is saying I hope they're all alive and not complicit in any criminal enterprise a "horrible conclusion?"

    Why don't you contact the d.a.'s office with your concerns?

    Because your issues are clearly with the way they are conducting their business.

    I trust that they know what they're doing and are justified.

    Feel free to take it up with them.

    You have the investigator's email address.

  8. Kristy...Happy Holidays to you and yours! It could just mean M.M. is trying to enjoy a semblance of normality over the holidays. And so are the rest who work on the website.

    The last thing I saw in the press from him (only a few days ago) was his admitting he has begun to give up hope. It was really sad. That he was so dispirited.

    Let's hope there's a good ending to all this.

    It does happen sometimes.

  9. Hi Commenter who left the link to the Patrick McStay legal proceedings and (presumably civil?) case which was decided in the appellant (not McStay's favor).

    I don't make much of the fact that he was out of the state of Texas for 655 days. That doesn't mean he was missing. It just means his address was in another state or states during that time. It could have been overseas or out of the country, but we have no reason to believe that from the document.

    So I don't think that fact is important. It just meant McStay couldn't count that time period as part of the four years which need to elapse before the debt collection is no longer legally enforceable.

    So he got screwed on that and had to pay.

    If he had stayed in Texas it would have probably been summarily dismissed, the case against him.

    But it does show that the man has had problems with money.

    Whether that's a fluke in his life or the norm I don't know.

  10. There is something quite sketchy about this family. But I have to ponder that, although The DA office in New Orleans is indeed trying to contact McStay, it doesn't necessarily mean anything. It could be something totally unrelated, although it is quite suspicious.

    I also wonder why Patrick hasn't really spoken out, well not that i know of. Seems strange.

    I think your theories are plausible though, but I still wonder...

  11. Everyone wonders.

    It's just such a strange collection of facts...and such big gaps where we don't know things...

  12. What I meant by horrible conclusion would be your idea that they were killed by Patrick.

  13. This was just one of many possibilities I laid out, and I didn't say I felt one was more likely than the other.

    I think it would be more likely (and still not LIKELY) that possibly he could have gotten them involved in some cross-border business he believed was safe---but turned out to be deadly.

    But I don't think they're dead, really.

    I'd say I'm 99% certain that three of them (Summer and the kids) are alive.

    I'd be willing to go as high as 90% certain Joseph is alive as well.

    But I think I have about 10% doubt--that he might have been killed that first night the family vanished.

    Because it doesn't look like him on the video.

    And the four days before crossing.

    But that could have just been planning and preparation on the part of both McStays those four days.

    So I obviously lean strongly towards the idea that they are ALL alive.

  14. Even though it doesn't look like him in the video, the person who spotted them at Wal-Mart in Mexico and identified them in a picture to Ling in the documentary said it WAS him but with a shaved head, right? So that would definitely lean more toward the idea they're all alive instead of Joseph being killed before the border crossing. Then again, that person could have been wrong about seeing Joseph in the Wal-Mart or the man could have just looked similar to him (to go along with the theory Joseph was killed and another man accompanied Summer and the kids across the border).

    Just learned about this case a couple days ago and have been obsessing ever since. Glad to have found this blog--thanks for all the information and thoughts on the case.

  15. I just watched the E investigates episode on the McStays and found your website. This story is very intriguing to me. Something that is very creepy is I saw what Patrick McStays address was on here. I live in the same town as him about 14 miles from the address that Harris County said was his last known address. Talk about weird. I definitely think there is something suspicious about that guy from seeing the show. Families don't just disappear like they did. There's got to be some kind of foul play involved.

  16. Patrick Robert McStay has apparently been arressed on 12-30-2011:

  17. Name:

    Booked by Harris County Sheriff's Office
    on Dec. 30, 2011
    for Other

  18. Thanks. I have heard that from a number of people now. Someone said he had posted bail and been released but others said no, he's still in custody. You'd think he'd post bail but maybe the previous "fugitive" status made bail prohibitively high?

    1. What do you make of this? Is he Joseph McStay's father for certain?
      These records give a Texas address but no indication of an extradtion.

      The State of Texas vs. MCSTAY, PATRICK

      Defendant Status BOND MADE
      Bond Amount $15,000.00
      Next/Last Setting Date 5/3/2012

      Defendant Status BOND MADE
      Bond Amount $2,500.00
      Next/Last Setting Date 5/3/2012

  19. You know what none of you have considered so far? His possible infidelity. She is stay at home mom spending most of her time with her children. These women don't have time for lovers nor do they feel like having a lover - you kind of let yourself go little bit, get so involved with your kids' world etc. You sacrifice a lot. Him being goof looking, out and about all the time, well off with money and not so much being involved in everyday life of his wife and kids, maybe even not feeling appreciated enough... I can easily imagine he'd have an affair, she the controlling one would find out and feel totally betrayed. Impossible to forgive. Haunted by the ideas of her husband with someone else, unbearable if you're paranoid on top. The only chance for them to lead normal life again is to

  20. Sorry for not finishing my previous post.
    The only way for them to have a normal life again is to move. Far. Different. But that is why her looking for anger treatment. There comes lot of anger and frustration with betrayal of this sort. I can see why he'd be manipulated into leaving - simple feeling of guilt, they can be very powerful. Trying to save his family. I can also imagine she would only seek homeopathic treatment considering her alternative lifestyle. Oh, one more thing: she could be overpowered by her anger, of course. So I agree it's 99% certain er and the boys a

  21. her and the boys are alive. Him? Not so sure.
    P. s. every time I wanted to correct something I write it would not allow me to either correct, erase or finish the sentence. If you read my posts before actually posting them publicly and should you consider publishing them at all, would you please pet them together? Thank you! And thanks for this blog. I'm so fascinated by this story and was so relieved to find your ideas and people's discussion!

  22. Thanks for your input, commenters! I am too busy with my own writing to refashion comments in a different order, but I do appreciate your thoughts/words. Yes, I read all comments, but lately I rarely respond to a comment individually since few seem to want my response but rather for their theories/thoughts/feelings to be heard--and that's great and I appreciate reading them, as I'm sure others do. If you've read all the comments, you'll see many commenters talk back and forth or get excited by each other's theories and extrapolate on them, and I think that's a very cool thing. Cheers!

  23. I just saw "Disappeared" last night. They highlighted the McStay's disappearances. They had just bought a beautiful new house three months prior to disappearing. Most of their furniture was still in storage, and the house was in disaray. There were eggs left on the counter and various items strewn about. Their bank account had a huge balance which they haven't withdrawn on. I can't imagine walking into Mexico when they had a car. Unless they had a newer car waiting for them in Mexico. How will these two children be educated if they aren't attending school? What kind of parents are they to do this?

    1. I saw this "Disappeared" story, too.

      What disturbs and puzzles me, among many things, is why there was virtually nothing mentioned about the business partner, except that Joe McStay had his last one-minute phone call with this partner on Feb. 4. Who is this business partner, besides a name? What was his relationship to Joe McStay? Did he inherit the business? Were there insurance policies for the partners if something happened to one of them?

      Did police check other near-by Ross stores to look for surveillance videos for someone buying the strange toys left covered up in the abandoned Isuzu?

      Why did police say nothing about eight texts on Friday/Saturday? Only seven seemed to have been Id'd as to the senders. Could they have contained any relevant info that police should have released?

      How long was Summer's phone (or their phones) pinging in that area (of received texts) during the period the family was missing?

  24. The police interviewed the business partner. I have read (unverified) allegations online that the business was sold in the absence of the missing McStays relatively quickly--not sure if that's true. I think it was on the Web Sleuths site. But it makes you wonder whether Joseph had been directing what was to take place after his disappearance in that final call. Obviously whatever the partner told the police didn't lead anywhere productive. Who knows if they were told the truth or how much that individual really knows. I really think they're alive and this was all planned. It can get so hard to follow the money trail and I'm sure a lot of warrants/court orders would have had to have been wrangled to break open various private records--and I'm guessing nobody even knew where to begin to look when it was really needed. I bet the money was ultimately wired down to wherever they ended up--or that it went through a courier service--with fake names and third or fourth parties deputized to do this. The phones only were pinging until the next day but Summer's longer than Joseph's. Probably just a matter of different battery charge, but for those who subscribe to the "Joseph killed, Summer absconding with the kids" theory (I no longer do) then it might lend a little more credence to the Joey is whacked and his phone turned off theory. But I think they're all alive, all together and on the run. I do think there's a serious paranoia/mental illness issue behind this whole thing though. Probably Summer. Probably borderline personality disorder.

    1. Your BPD theory makes sense if Summer had a history of diagnosed mental illness or personality disorder, but I have not read that anywhere else.

      Possible, but wouldn't JM have come to his senses by now? Was there any indication that he had such serious mental problems? And for two mentally ill people to be able to hide for this long with kids? What could have precipitated something this drastic?

      If someone is wiring money to people who are possibly ill and paranoid (of what?) and "hiding" with two young kids, this becomes even more bizarre.

      I wonder how many places cops looked at surveillance tapes (stores, restaurants, etc.) during that four-day period?

    2. If the business was sold I wonder how much it was sold for and who got the money. I did read some threads on WS but found nothing about this.

  25. To the commenter about the information with regard to Patrick McStay's charges, another commenter gave me a link to the Texas database where it looks like he was charged in Spring, TX. I didn't see any record of extradition either. But his address in that listing of the charge is a Louisiana address. So I'm not sure. You don't source what you posted so I don't even know that it's accurate? A link to where you got that would help. I don't really follow P.M.'s case because I don't believe his legal woes are linked to those of the missing McStays. He's had legal problems in the past (civil case anyway) and it just seems to be related to failed business ventures. He's probably as clueless as everyone else about his missing family members. He might be an okay guy who just had ill luck with business ventures and then got desperate when he couldn't repay creditors, etc.

    More suspicious to me is why the reward for the missing McStays offered by M.M. remains at the lowly 10,000 when the McStay mystery now seems to have turned into an industry for certain members of the family. I'm thinking of M.M.'s solicitation for more shows producing segments on his missing family member's with the line "Any serious offer will be entertained." Doesn't that sound like a wheeler-dealer riding the money wave?

    I've begun to wonder whether this whole thing might have been a hoax set up to milk the media.

    1. "Doesn't that sound like a wheeler-dealer riding the money wave?"

      Yes, but no idea if a family makes money on these shows, unless they get their own show!

      Unaccounted for donations that scammers collect in some missing persons cases are astounding and sickening for sure.

      I was curious about PM's legal troubles because I have never seen or read a word about him or from him.

  26. Dante, I reread the WS site and yes the allegation is floated about there in the thread (it's even mentioned in the last three pages of the thread, ending around April 30th). But the reason why I don't put as much credence in that is it was never verified. On the site, posters are stating that was P.M.'s accusation, that the business was sold, I believe for 100K. Some have scofffed at that figure and others have scoffed at the very idea. P.M. seems to have believed it was done without J.M.'s consent or involvement (and hence that the police should have been on it). But I think P.M. is "out of the loop." I think P.M. might be part of the reason (probably not the main reason though) that the McStays wanted to disappear. They were allegedly facing that suit together with him. This brought by that loan company against EIP and its linked businesses, which is where P.M. is mixed up with the missing McStays. While this lawsuit won't go away entirely with the disappearance of the McStays, it has been placed "on hold." So there's another reason to disappear. If Summer McStay suffered from BPD, it would not surprise me one bit if it had never been diagnosed. These people are often very high functioning. Many of these people live their entire lives without others guessing the truth about the illness because they are masters of deception. But in my other post on BPD I articulate not a few reasons for my belief that she suffers from this condition, but a CONSTELLATION of reasons. Even the name changes, which everyone seems to equate with criminality, are often a symptom of BPD. I don't think they are both suffering from serious mental illness. I know J.M. suffered from panic attacks but that's not nearly the same thing as having a serious mental illness. Remember how everyone described S.M. as a hermit? Even her friends. She home schooled. She home birthed. She avoided doctors. She had Joey pick things up she wanted through Craigslist. The antisocial aspect of her character is clear. This flight into complete privacy fits in with the pattern of her life. Especially now that the money woes had started with no end in sight.The new beginning in Fallbrook turned out to be no new beginning at all. They needed to get a lot further away for this new beginning they craved. And I'm sure they got it.

    1. The business stuff is certainly complicated, but whatever was/is going on with lawsuits and criminal charges, their leaving behind so much makes no sense from my perspective. Certainly your perspective is interesting.

      Did you notice in the "Disappeared" piece on the family that MM stated that he didn't worry for some time, because he thought they all might have gone on a long weekend because of Presidents' Day? This really struck me then, because Presidents' Day was weeks away from Feb. 4.

      I noticed in all the posts on this case I've read (not much considering), only one other person picked up on this disquieting and untrue statement. Certainly the interviewer did not question that Presidents' Day is not at the beginning of Feb.


      Last night I sent a reply with the Harris County, Texas, District Court link where I found that bit of info I posted a few days ago about PM, without a link. I explained that links of that type often don't work as good links when copied (although I should have given a reference anyway).

      In taking a quick look at your blog tonight, I don't see my post or link, so I think it may have been deleted somehow, because it was an official court link. Or maybe I just missed it, but if anyone wants to check it out, it's under the official Harris County Clerk's criminal "online records" link.

    2. "Presidents' Day in 2010 is on Monday, the 15th of February.

      In the United States, Presidents Day is always celebrated on the third Monday of February."

    3. And I didnt' delete your post that I questioned the sourcing on. Sometimes Blogger sorts things weirdly so it might be higher in the chain even though you posted it later. Or on another post if you made it there. I have a handful of McStays posts.

  27. P.M. maintains his own website (separate from the more high profile family one) dedicated to finding his son and family.

    He's probably an okay guy that just had some rough business breaks and is now dealing with the consequences legally.

    I don't think there's anything ominous about the guy.

    The Web Sleuths posters implied he had gambling problems and that's where some of the money went that caused his own monetary/legal problems.

    But that's what I read there and it could be complete gossip and unfounded.

    I wish the guy well. And I hope he at least finds out his family is okay, even if they choose not to return--which is their right.

  28. Dante. One last note. I can assure you M.M. has made a considerable amount of money on this "thing." I can't count the number of times I've seen him on national t.v. and that "wheeler-dealer" soliciation on the site speaks volumes. I'm sure after disappeared the charge for family endorsement went up. All of this will be public information as people have to file income tax, right, and even charities have to disclose, right? I think some people are going to be surprised once they eventually eyeball those documents. And the reward is still what? Ten thousand? Pocket change. I assure you. I can't even begin to imagine how much money has come in through the donation buttons, knowing America's benevolence.

  29. Dante, re the seemingly inconsistent mention of the "President's Day weekend," you have to remember something like eleven days elapsed before M.M. was actually poking around the house in Fallbrook and using that window to get in. It was only in retrospect and with the neighbor's security camera, the calls made, etc. that it was proven the actual date of the disappearance was the fourth of February. So that might be the confusion. In M.M.'s mind they were just going about business and not communicating with him in that interval of time, presumably. He verified the house was vacant at what was probably the holiday weekend (or a day abutting it).

  30. Yes, true, but MM said he didn't worry because it was Presidents' Day weekend. By the time he said he did poke around, it probably was close to that weekend, almost two weeks later. I just felt there was something hinky there. I assumed by the time MM was interviewed on camera, he would have known what you mentioned above, and, therefore, would not have said (way after the fact) that he didn't worry because it was a long holiday weekend, which it was not.

    Since I have not followed every detail, I also wondered if the neighbor's camera had caught any other activities involving the McStays' car/truck.

    Re: My comment about the source of PM's charges and bail in Harris County, TX. I didn't think for a moment you had deleted anything. I realized I should have listed my source and did the following night day with links to Harris County District Court. I am sure it was on this thread, and, I assumed, because I had posted links to a court site, they had deleted themselves.

  31. This is one of the most bizarre disappearances to have ever happened and I will tell you why. It is near impossible to leave and not leave a paper trail or other form of trail! The family left nearly $100,000 in their account untouched. The only logical reason for that might be that they had much more money than that so they just abandoned that money. It is possible they were involved in criminal activity involving real estate since they both had licenses. Or maybe they witnessed something and their lives were threatened so they left for Mexico hoping to escape danger. And now the drug cartels are killing people randomly and having the bodies dissolved in caustic soda. That would explain why there has been no sightings of this family. I pray for the family that they did not meet their demise in Mexico. Anyone can be found if the right investigator is on the case no matter how difficult it might be. I believe I could find them but it would be costly having to go into Mexico to find them. There is a solution to every problem so keep your faith they might still be found alive. The key to finding them is to find the children, then you will find them.

  32. I just saw the episode of this family's vanishing on "Disappeared" on it they interviewed a server that is certain he waited on them and that they left a map of Mexico - the police tested for the fingerprints and they did not match the parents - the server was quite certain that one of the boys with the strawberry birthmark on his forehead was the missing family - Could it be that the boys were with another couple that had abducted them and got rid of the parents?

  33. Can someone update me on what happened with Patrick McStay, I can't seem to find a lot of information. I work for a title company in Houston, Tx and did a quick search on him, it seems weird to me that Patrick McStay just paid off the mortgage on his home and then immediately took out a $166,000 home equity lien on 2/4/13. This was 3 years exactly from when his family disappeared.

  34. That info is false and don't you think it's unprofessional to use your search system at work to search for a man you don't even know?

  35. DE if this is you, why do you keep trying to destroy Patrick? Just because he doesn't like you and exposed you for what you are doing? It is perfectly legal anyway, even though its not true

  36. Anonymous, I have no idea if that commenter you're addressing is D.E. (or who that even is). For the record, I don't think P.M. had anything to do with the disappearance of the missing McStays and that his motives in looking for them (even when he was antagonistic towards the SD investigators) were pure and honest. I don't think the missing McStays want P.M. to know where they are, either. I think P.M. (whatever his problems relating to his own business dealings are) sort of missed out on the money train that others around him seemed to have jumped quite expertly. And for that I do sort of feel bad for the guy. But maybe he'll make that up with his book. Or some other way. I hope so. And I hope he believes his family members are okay and just don't want to be found right now. I believe that.

  37. @Anonymous 3:18PM

    The info isn't false and a quick Grantor/Grantee search of the Harris County Clerk's records would provide the same information, as it's public; not unprofessional at all, especially considering my job requires me to search "people I don't even know" all day to verify such information. Don't you think it's a bit psychopathic to be so defensive of a guy you don't even know?

    I'm not D.E. (or even know who that is) merely a normal person following and occasionally checking for upates on the case as I have been just as mystified as anyone else following the McStay case. I don't think P.M. had anything to do with their disappearance either, just found it odd the real estate transaction took place on the anniversary and for such a large amount when he'd already paid off and owned the home free and clear; I'm not big on coincidences.

  38. Not psychotic when you consider I'm actually a good friend of Patricks.

    I can tell you, your'e wrong and apparently have no idea of what you are reading. By the way, why would you even be searching for information about PM? What reason is there to even search about his mortgage or title on his home seeing as it has nothing to do with his family being missing. So why other than trying to damage him would you even need to search about his home?

    Did you ever stop to think maybe he is trying to raise money for rewards or searches?

  39. Apparently, you don't know your "good friend" that well. Do yourself a favor, look up Harris County Clerk's file no. 20130065657, it'll save you from continuing to look like an un-informed "friend." Is that not his signature? Yeah, thought so.

    I did actually occur to me that he was indeed trying to raise money for rewards and searches to find his family; which is why in my original comment, I asked for an update from anyone who may know. Now, you've jumped all over me like a spider monkey insinuating that I'm some sort of Patrick-hating monger.

    It was a simple question, one to which I was hoping "good friends of Patrick" might be able to offer some insight to. I find it deplorable and horrendous that this beautiful family has vanished without a trace and the reward is only $1,000. I've offered more reward for my lost dog.

  40. Again they are still wrong, there is no such home line of credit loan on Patrick's Home. If there were there would be a mortgage lien filed wit the county. Now if as you claim that there is a home equity line of credit, were is the lien that has to be filed? How on earth would he have had credit available for that amount of money ($166K) as you claim, when homes in that area (according to the Harris County Records) are not selling, appraising or worth that amount of money. Then you also claimed the mortgage was paid off, so where did all that money or credit availability come from. It would appear that as usual county records are incorrect. So your just reading incorrect information, or you explain why there is no mortgage, or lien recorded?

  41. Ugh, your stupidity astounds me. Are you unable to read English or comprehend it? Your reponse makes absolutely no sense because I've addressed those very issues 3 times. You want the website too? Lazy.

    I GAVE YOU THE CLERK'S FILE NUMBER. LOOK IT UP. If it were not filed of record with the county, it would not have a clerk's file number. It's obvious that you're just wanting to argue because you're not offering ANY valid (or intelligent) response to my original question.

    If you're such a good friend, wouldn't you know where the money came from? THAT WAS MY POINT. How'd did he have the money and why would he need a home equity lien.

    Again, with the stupidty on your behalf, because my own home, which is less than 2 miles from Mr. McStay, is appraised at $300K, as our the homes around it, and the ones selling like popsicles on a hot Texas day. It's blantantly obvious to not only me, but everyone else here, that you're one of those crazy cat lady/peeping Tom types whom become obsessed with "psuedo-celebrities" and think you're authorized to speak out on every issue regarding their life.

    Is there anyone else that can offer a valid update or intelligent reponse to my original question? I'm not arguing with Mr. I Don't Know How to Look Valid Information Up any longer.

  42. How is it that the Harris County Tax Assessor has the property tax based on 97K? So how do you get a home equity loan on a house that is worth 70K less than the so called loan and the house has an assessed value 70K on the house. Now I know banks are crazy but do you really think banks would be that stupid to loan $70,000.00 more than the value of the property? The loan would be at a 0 loss before the first payment is made and remember this is a "home equity loan" as you said. So where is the equity, and the bank won't loan over the value, so something is wrong and you don't bother to explain it or you don't care that it's wrong as long as you have something that you want to look bad, is that right?

    Now I know you'll say houses appraise less for tax purposes, but they don't appraise with that big of difference in value, $70,000.00 is not possible. So either you are wrong or your information is wrong. So explain which it is please. Also, if you check the tax records for PM's area or subdivision you'll find the homes there sell for an average around $110,000.00 and appraise a little less. So the value of your home really doesn't matter as it's in a different subdivision and probably has higher priced homes and are newer homes. I believe PM's home was built in the 70's or early 80's, so when was you home built and isn't yours in a higher value subdivision?

    By the way, I know PM personally, not as a McStay case groupie as you imply.

  43. I'm still waiting on you to look up the document and tell me if that's his signature or not. Once you do that, I'll be glad continue this conversation. The county clerk doesn't just file bullshit home equity liens because they feel like.


  44. When you learn to read and understand mortgage liens and are a party to the so called transaction, then you may have a right to ask those questions. It's clear you don't have all the information or documents and therefore can't speak of the facts. Unless you were involved with the so called lien, then I don't think it's any of your business. You have no right to ask PM and he doesn't have to answer questions that are his personal life and have absolutely nothing to do with his Missing Family.