Saturday, December 31, 2011

he read

he read the closing lines of the poem he had just written: "You have a blue sheen, O haunted Jell-O." he realized the words were about the wobbly brain and cartesianism but who wants to think about cartesianism or the wobbly brain on december 31st. technically, isn't everyone who is in the month of december a decembrist? it's the things you can't stop thinking about that matter. and for him it was that dog's tail. that dog's tail in neoprene. or rubber. whatever. he had seen it in a porn video. a submissive woman was on all fours playing a dog. her boyfriend had put a butt plug in her ass. and the butt plug had a tail on the end of it. exactly like a wiry little dog's tail. black rubber doggy tail waggled all the time as she crawled around the kitchen floor following her Master and heeding Her Master's Voice. he wondered if anyone ever got buried wearing one of those. you wouldn't know in the coffin. if someone had a butt plug in. with or without a doggie's tail. then he wondered if submissives ever express the desire to be taxidermied like dogs and set in their master's bedroom after death. it seems like a thing submissives would probably enjoy. he was fairly sure the answer was a resounding yes. to be posed like a naked, taxidermied dog in their Master's bedroom. what a turn-on for a submissive. to be obedient sexually after death. and when the Master wasn't getting good results from his current dog crawling around the bedroom floor and not whining or barking nearly as efficiently as the dearly departed one, he could point to the taxidermed dog. and shame the one on the carpet. for being such a bad, bad dog. and the idea that the Master could no longer fuck the taxidermied dog. submissives would get a secret pleasure from that. because secretly all submissives just wanna frustrate the fuck out of their Masters. because it really is a parent thing. i'm sorry but it's true. that's why you're on all fours. that's why you prefer being fucked in the ass.

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