Monday, December 26, 2011

I Don't Usually See the Point of Smiths Covers

except for when it's someone like the Trash Can Sinatras.

From The Smiths Is dead, 1996, released by french magazine Les Inrockuptibles.

Hey, they only made this darkest of songs a little upbeat.

From the same French covers album...other bands...


  1. In keeping with the wall-to-wall Sparks bent of my poor brain:

    Morrissey's Suedehead--

    The Sparks remix of Suedehead:

    Speaking of remixes, Sparks also did a fantastic remix of Yoko Ono's "Give Me Something"
    (bonus for you: the elegant "Geneva Mechanism" shown in the video)

  2. BTW, love that cover. The muted horns remind me of something, I can't quite place it. Sentimental but not at all corny if that makes sense. Maybe something by Bjork, early solo career?

  3. Hi Amy, And thanks as ever for these links, which I look forward to trying soon. My darn puter keeps crashing right now (Methinks I outfoxed myself with putting so much video on one page!) I could change the amount Blogger shows but then I just have to change it back later. Since I want to work on my imaginary family anyway, I'll try some text posts and shift the video downwards lol.

    And I do know what you mean...songs like the one on that early (first solo?) album by Bjork about the "ships in the harbor." Title eludes me right now.

    But even "Venus as a Boy" (love it) is like that for me, schmaltzy but delicious.


  4. [scurries to the stacks of CDs]

    It's the "Anchor Song"-last track on _Debut_. Though she does some lovely horn bits in other songs. "Cosmogony" on the new album--very grand-sounding horns--for some reason that track makes me cry sometimes--gaah, I'm such a dork.

    Those schmaltzy but delicious things are funny. We love them and can't help judging them at the same time. Seems a very Gen X attitude to me (though you look like you might be younger). It's OK to love schmaltzy things if you love them in an ironic way.

    I feel that way about lots of Romanian/Moldovan synth-pop-dance-club music. It's so very very cheesy, but oh-so-danceable and so much fun. Cheesy--ai-ya, wicked cheesy!, but it's *delicious* cheese.

  5. Jawohl, Amy.

    That be the one.

    No, I'm an old dude.

    Middle forties.

    I just used to post weird pics of myself.

    It used to be "the thing about aging," I think, but now I just can't be arsed to change the weird pics I have online.

    I love the catholicity of your tastes.

    You express yourself so well--you must be a writer.

    I think it's okay to love schmaltzy things if you love them in an ironic way or even an unironic way.

    I think most things are okay provided you're not hurting someone (or animals) doing them.

    There's a lot worse things in this world than grooving to unironic schaltz.

    Isn't "schmaltz" really chicken fat in Yiddish lol?

    Or am I imagining that.

    I imagine a lot of "untrue facts."

  6. Yep--schmaltz is chicken fat. I luvs me some Yiddish words. One (sort of perverse!) reason I love Yiddish is that it's derived from German (I'm 1/4 German--that's the most recently-immigrated branch of my family).

    Oooh--Sparks!--"Girl From Germany," about the angst caused when a Jewish kid introduces a German girl to his folks:

    Gaah, your poor computer!

    Ha, I'm in my mid-40s too. I've considered myself "middle-aged" since I was 30. In part, that's a reaction to the Boomer delusion that middle-age starts at 50 or 60. Feh!

    Once upon a time, I aspired to be a writer, but I mostly just leave pithy comments on blogs. I attempt to write something now and then, but I never like how it turns out. Too much navel-gazing, too self-indulgent, too much whining about my crappy life. Maybe I'll be a late bloomer, though.

  7. Hey there, nothing wrong with a little omphaloskepsis. ;-)

    I think that's what the parts of the universe that are "not us" mostly do. Look at their bellybutton.

    I think I think the Greek Omphalos (which was an actual stone if memory serves) was like a funny, early vision of the Big Bang.

    I think I think that.

    Late blooming is good.

    Are we late for something lol?

    That was the name of David Shapiro's one book of poems: Lateness.

    I'm going to go watch the Sparks video.

    I imagine by now there's a lot less worry about those situations. As if there ever should have been.

    Except maybe right after the war where you might have actually had an actual former member of the Nazi party dating someone.

    That would be more than a little awkward.

    Nazis. I hate those guys.

    I don't even know if I'm a Boomer or Gen X.

    I heard Gen Y used a few times for young'uns and then I think it was abandoned as a useful term for lacking sparkle or something.

    Maybe those kids have been since rebranded.

    Brand All the Things!!

    I'm seeing that crazy meme guy with the paintbrush there.

  8. Oh and about Yiddish. I remember when I was making a series of lolcats on Cheezburger but they never "caught on" there.

    I had fun doing them though and learning new Yiddish words.

    I think I called the series "Cats Teach you Yiddish."

    They might show up if you type in "cats yiddish" on my search bar.

    You probably know all the words I "featured" though.

  9. Here's you know "plotz?"

    I just learned that one when I was doing the series. I love that word.

    Yiddish mostly makes me giggle.

    It's such a visceral type language. It's as though you can feel the REACTION inside so many of the words.

    It's not a language for the timid at heart.

  10. I wouldn't have known that was Sparks in a million years.

    They really do change their colors completely whenever they feel like it.

    That song's sensitivity made think of this song's funny insensitivity:

    How many groups of people did she manage to (oh so funnily) offend in this song lol.

    And the Jewish/German thing is right there in the title and chorus.

  11. I feel bad for Gen Y--they didn't really get their own demographic label, just a knockoff of of ours, and ours sucks. But I think the rest of us older folks were labeled after we grew up. We've started labeling the young'uns before we really know who they are. It's probably too late for us, but I'm rooting for a better name for Gen Y.

    Gen X starts in 1965 according to most demographers.

    Love plotz. Use it often. Sometimes I do it too, figuratively speaking of course (literally means "burst").

    Yiddish is punchy and funny. And homely, but in the best possible sense. "That ferkakhta can opener is dribbling tuna schmutz all over the counter!"

    Yay, LOLcat memes! I'm quite fond of Chemistry Cat. I'm such a dork.

    I once dated a Jewish guy and there was actually a bit of awkwardness due to my just being part-German. But we all ended up getting along well anyway.

    Sarah Silverman occasionally pushes the envelope too much for even me--and that's saying a lot--but I love the absence of political correctness! What's the definition of political correctness? The belief that it's possible to pick up a turd by the clean end.

  12. I love your definition of p.c. lol.

    And your lolization of "ferkakhta."

    I love the vast majority of memes.

    Chemistry Cat meme is an awesome one but when he lands on the lolcats front page (as opposed to say, Memebase) he or she usually ends up getting shortchanged by the voters and commenters.

    I wish I could write a great Chemistry Cat meme. I tried a few times and don't think I got far.

    I used to be good at chemistry and the other sciences, but now I find myself struggling to fetch up a good scenario with pun or other comic potential.

    And usually it doesn't happen.

    I like the one about the one subatomic particle that "goes into a bar" and says he's just "passing through?"

    Maybe a photon. I forget. See? I forget the particulars of those...hence no joke.

    Some of the ones that spell out punchlines using the symbols from the Periodic Table are pretty good too.

    And I must be Generation X if it starts in 65.

    I think I knew I was Gen X already but sometimes it seems I'm more interested in Boomer stuff.

    I think.

  13. I have yet to come up with a decent LOLcat caption, science-y or not. Got an old photo of my cat Sam (R.I.P.) investigating the toilet that I was thinking of using but I'm drawing a blank. Seems like it could use a political caption--poop jokes and politics go together like toast and jam.

  14. R.I.P., Sam. Or even better yet: P.I.H. Sam. (Party in Heaven).

    Cats looking into toilets are almost a meme in their own right on Cheezburger.

    Usually it's Narnia or blackholes or something that the captions tend towards.

    I captioned one of two cats actually pooping together on the same (human) toilet and it made the front page.

    People were divided about its tastefulness ("After ten years there is no more mystery.")