Monday, December 26, 2011

Milena Sidorova and "Our Past-Species Behavior"

WITH OUT AND WITHOUT (2010)--choreography Milena Sidorova

Milena Sidorova made this piece for Het Nationale Ballet workshop "New Moves" in 2010
concept: escaping misunderstandings and a confusing relationship brings to some new realisations. Dancers:
Vera Tsyganova, Chao Shi, Koen Havenith

Okay, the music starts out halfway to Narada or something.

Later, the music goes into iffier terrain, which at least has the benefit of being less Narada and more iffy.

But I still liked the choreography.

The choreography's great enough in places to transcend and ennoble the music.

Reminds me of the relationship at the core of that one Kundera novel.

And the drama of the triangle doesn't get old if it's handled well.

As it is here.

Plus, there's serious recall of our past-species behavior.

Serious hominid inflections.

Devastating atavistic "romance."