Thursday, December 8, 2011


Okay, I will admit

I am lonely

but only for a monster.

I met a monster like myself once

and we were in love many monster years

and it ended monstrously.

The destruction was ecstasy,

our ecstatic destruction destroyed

so many people and places

it was absolutely wonderful

and we just kept flying

because Monstrosity Gives you Wings.

We destroyed the Tokyo of therapy

over and over together.

Oh it was something like beautiful.

But other people got exhausted

and scientists managed to beat us down

into submission just like in Godzilla movies.

You decided we should give up

the monster game and so we did

after crying many monster tears.

Both of us married non-monsters

then and refashioned our lives

into loves that were not monstrous.

I don’t miss you, First Monster,

the one who took my monster virginity,

but sometimes imagine another monster

entering the monstrosity of my life

and destroying the monstrous calm

I pretend to be

who could scratch off this human skin

human Halloween costume I wear now

and restore me to my youth,

which like all monsters

I believe is probably eternal.

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