Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Oh Great, Now the M a f i a

Hey, if I'm found dead somebody please direct people to pull my phone records and look for the call dated today from someone whose surname is C A R L O N I.

Because someone called in a very badly disguised voice (man impersonating woman) and asked for "Eleanor."

I hope this is paranoia but when I Googled this person (first name included) there was a mugshot out of Jersey.

It smells like m a f i a to me.

So if anyone's calling a hit on me that's who did it lol.

I do have paranoid days.

But that was CREEPY.

We never get random calls. We're unlisted.


  1. Even creepy people dial a wrong number sometimes.

    Not all M a f i o s i live in New Jersey. And not all of them are Italian!

  2. Amy, I was celebrating National Stereotypes Day.


  3. And I'll check my ringy dingy in two minutes.