Tuesday, December 13, 2011

You're Not Paranoid

People do want to destroy you. People want to destroy you with their beautiful inattention span. But you mustn't care about people. Even as you do. Care about people. Because you must. They are what you are composed of. It is horrible to learn this with your one body and it will injure you. All sorts of ways. People come crashing through you like an ocean wave bioluminescent with plankton nekton diatoms. But don't fear them. Though you do. The simple truth? Most people are just vacuum cleaners. The more annoying ones pretend to be Dysons. The Cyladic hole in the center that looks ancient and modern at once.The vacuum cleaner with an asshole. I mean besides Dyson. As though Henry Moore designed a vacuum cleaner. And placed it in Target. I think a Target store could be interestingly located in the huge hole at the center of a Henry Moore sculpture and be successful. Henry Moore, Henry Moore. You can become famous with a stupid and common name. Or a stupid and common theme. The only thing that matters is what the crows are trying to sing this year. And they sound the same fucking awful way every year. But to pretend we are improving as a species is our curse and our good fortune. I don't know who you are. But you terrify me. Can you at least have the good form to wash your jelly dildo and put it away after you are done signifying with it? It's sort of beautiful left on the edge of the sink. Glowing. A bright pink jelly dildo. Most of the beautiful minds I know.

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