Thursday, January 26, 2012

American Idol 2012

Lee and I have been enjoying the auditions.

This one by a guy with the somewhat preposterous name Phillip Phillips really makes me smile.

And he auditioned in our own Pittsburgh.

I wonder if that was the first time they auditioned contestants there.

I don't remember it happening before but I haven't watched all episodes of all seasons. Not even close.


  1. Hey Bill! Hope all is well, I was watching a bit of Nigerian Idol the other night, now that's good TV

  2. Hey Rob! You are missed. Nice to "see" ya. I saw your blog indicated you were on leave so I figured you just knew that real life ultimately beats the internet for kicks. I'm in that minority of mosquitos that can't stop buzzing around the light lol. God, I hope they don't add a bug zapper to this thing! ;-)

  3. Oh, and I forgot we can watch all those other country's auditions on YouTube. I don't even wanna think how rich the Simons are getting off this franchise. I did watch some of the Greek auditions but all they ever post are the terrible auditions it seems. Or those or the ones I find. I guess I should have used the search term for "winner" or something.