Monday, January 23, 2012

Disappeared: Terrance Williams

It's really sickening to see someone get away with murder.

The only mystery in the episode of Disappeared is what former police officer Steve Calkins did with the bodies of Terrance Williams and Felipe Santos.

I mean Calkins admits the bodies of both these men were alive and breathing in his police cruiser on the day each disappeared. And immediately after that, no trace of these men remains.

From what I just read online, Collier County (Florida) has been a cesspool of corruption for many years.

Internal Affairs isn't always the public's best friend when these things are investigated.

I'd say this "investigation" was a travesty. That gives me no confidence (despite the lip service in this episode) that law enforcement there has been cleaned up. The spokesperson chosen really just came across as someone insincere doing damage control. I really hope the FBI is watching these guys. Because it's rarely one individual in these cases.

Despite what the member of L.E. interviewed said, I think a judge would have recognized the existence of "probable cause" to search Calkins' house and granted a warrant. So what's wrong with that county? Or did L.E. only pretend to believe they didn't have enough "probable cause" to kill the investigation right there and not raise a public alarm which might have caused a clean sweep of any other dirty cops?

Not that you're going to necessarily find anything. He realized he was in the trammels when he was caught telling all those lies and when he failed his polygraph test miserably when asked about his knowledge of Williams' whereabouts.

Anyone who listens to Calkins calling in Williams' vehicle can hear the ugly racism just brimming over there.

He was fired for this.

But he was allowed to skate on the disappearance of two minority males, both of whom were last in his car.

Here is the story in brief.

When articulating the "voluntary disappearance" theory, this article fails to mention that Williams had paychecks waiting at both job sites that he never picked up. If he were going to willingly disappear, he would have doubtless claimed that money.

Murderers who get away with it often repeat their crimes right down to the smallest details. In both cases, the men gone missing while in this police officer's custody were allegedly dropped off at the exact same location (according to Calkins' police reports).

That's not coincidence. A jury would probably already convict just on the circumstantial case in the Williams disappearance.

It's hard to convict without a body, but it happens.

But I can understand not wanting to take your one shot and potentially blow it, and then have solid evidence turn up later when a retrial is not a possibility.

Don't the police vehicles have GPS units?

They didn't mention tracking Calkins' vehicle. Because that would probably tell you where to look for the body of Williams.

Are those records maintained if so?

Also, they didn't mention any reward for information about Williams. This might act as an incentive if somebody else knows about this dirty cop.

Because Calkins came across (in the dispatch audio) as a real bragger. I'm sure he was proud of what he did and wanted to share it with fellow racists. So there is probably someone who actually knows out there, ex-wife, ex-girlfriend, former coworker or bar buddy.

I know they found a body very close to where the two men disappeared, so let's hope the DNA testing yields a confirmation on the victim which leads to prosecution.

I'm sure many people are thinking what I was thinking. These probably aren't the only two victims.

Some serial killers, by virtue of their profession, have many opportunities and advantages to subdue and kill with impunity.

It was very difficult to see and hear the victim's mother describing what she's gone through.

Yet she exhibited an amazing amount of strength too.

I hope she and her family get the justice they deserve.

This is actually the justice everyone deserves. Because the state of Florida put all its citizens at risk with this guy.

To Protect and Serve and Have Citizens Disappear.

This was a sickening story.


  1. Wow good point GPS all of them cop cars have that. You know they have people in prison with less evidence and this dirty ex policeman gets away with murder.. Where the hell is the FBI.. FART BLOSSOM INCORPORATED.. THIS IS A OUTRAGE! I wish these familys peace..

  2. I know in my heart That he did it. And the motive? Racism. Its cover up after cover up. And in all these years he could have removed those two bodies and really made sure they can't and won't be found. I pray for the victims family. My heart truly goes out to them. Justice will prevail. On earth and thereafter. Peace.

    1. I think he did it too. The circle K is just by his house, most folks don't know that. I think he is worse than a racist. I think he is a Jeffry Dahmer type freak

  3. Calkins is a slime ball murderer and he makes me sick.

  4. Thanks for your comments. I never knew until tonight that FBI meant Fart Blossom Inc.

    About the GPS. I missed a little bit of this documentary the first time they ran it but saw it rerun later tonight. And since they did mention putting a GPS tracking device in his car (without his knowledge) maybe that means he didn't already have a device (that he knew about and used) in that vehicle.

    But it is VERY interesting that he was taking that vehicle out into undeveloped areas that were basically just fields or grasslands. They pointed out that those are the perfect places to 1) kill someone with no one even hearing a gunshot let alone seeing it and 2) dispose of a body and making it difficult to find.

    But I get the impression from the police's statement that they pretty much admit they didn't really search those places he went well. They did search some, but they said with the size of those tracts of land it's easy to miss a body.

    So if anyone is feeling super-ambitious there's a good project. I mean to organize a search in those areas. Because one or both of these guys might be there.

    Of course, there is the possibility he moved the bodies once he knew they were searching those areas. I'm sure he had some time on his hands when he was fired for the lies and "conduct unbecoming."

    They didn't mention whether they used cadaver dogs to search those areas. I guess it's too long after the fact now for those. That was a number of years back.

    It's a shame because if it had happened in 2012 they might have been able to use drone planes to search for bodies. I'm not sure if FLIR would even work in Florida (maybe certain types of year) since it's based on the difference between body and ambient temperatures. But then I guess at night even in Florida a body would show up on FLIR. But I'm talking about possibilities long after the fact. These would have been things that would have had to have been done immediately after the disappearance.

    I know a lot of people are freaked out by the omniscience of satellite technologies but it will be nice in the not-so-distant future when murders like this can be "rewound" to through satellite/drone technologies. Murderers are going to have a harder and harder time hiding their acts.

  5. The sad truth of the matter is cops aren't dumb. Especially not when they think and work together. So the creepy thing is a corrupt police department knows how to conduct an "investigation" so they look upstanding from the outside, even while they're carefully sacrificing someone who is such a liability they can no longer carry his ass. And I really hope that didn't happen here. But it's a possibility. I hope the FBI has planted some fake cops in their midst. That's the only way you'll know. Because people don't forget shit like that and people talk. Even cops. Although they tend to be more close-lipped than others.

  6. They give authorities, especially law enforcement. To much leeway when it comes to crimes that they commit or/ and accused of. If that was me or anybody else we would have gotten convicted on the circumstantial evidence that they have against him even without the bodies. How can he look at his self everyday knowing what he did? So sad.

  7. Commenter at 3:17. I agree completely. I suspect there's nobody home. With sociopaths, there never is. So no "feeling bad."

  8. Such a horrific story. My heart goes out to both families...and to think, that murderer is free to kill someone else's son.

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  10. I literally felt sick watching this episode. Why has it taken so long for a conviction? As someone commented here, if it was any ordinary person this would have went to trial under circumstantial evidence a long time ago. Those cops have sufficient evidence to probably move a jury to convict that scumbag anyway. He failed his lie detector test, and wrote and signed false police statements. This is sickening, and the amount of time that has gone by without the families receiving the justice they deserve makes me so mad. My heart and prayers go out to the Williams’ and Santos’ families.

  11. I agree. It's a horrible feeling to realize that sometimes the people in blue are killers themselves. Let's hope the FBI has guys planeted up in there and are watching them.

  12. This is so sickening and sad. This Disappeared has affected me deeper than any other has. It's very very clear that Steve Calkins is responsible for not one BUT two disappearances, within three months of eachother!!! It's sad for the family to have no real answers and to not be really able to grieve without knowing what the truth is. I've never trusted L.E. And this solidifies that for me.....However, God is going to deal with Steve Calkins...if not in this life then the next!!

  13. I rewatched this tonight. Isn't it creepy that the second disappearance occurred 72 hours after he was "cleared" of wrongdoing in the first disappearance. I bet the idiots who cleared him really regret their haste now--they figured it was just a "coincidence" probably. What I think happened is that he believed the Cadillac was stolen and hence that it would be difficult to trace this "car thief" (his complete misperception and a BIG MISTAKE--T.W. really owned that car) since people would not connect him to this vehicle. He was probably "certain" that T.W. had stolen that car and was lying to him. That's where he made his big mistake (well, that and the fact that he probably wasn't counting on witnesses placing him there in the cemetery with T.W.). So he probably figured he found one of society's strays that he could take off and kill. It's interesting that T.W. gave him the "fake birthdate" he used in those circumstances---ironically, April 1st (April Fool's Day). His relatives confirmed that's the "fake date" he used, thus further confirming an exchange took place. Just think how many other victims this guy might have. I mean driving down a lonely road, there's a hitchhiker, a person of color...he was acting in a manner and with a confidence (broad daylight!) that makes me think he almost certainly did this before.

  14. Clearly Steve Calkins had something to do with the disappearance of both of these men. Its just said that Justice has not been serve.d

  15. I agree with all the comments. I am so mad and sickened at what happened. That cop did kill these two men. And to say there was not enough evidence outrages me. Yes, I would be in prison now if that had been me. Where is the justice. How can Terrence's mother and Felipe's wife go on? This is one of the worst travesties I have seen. I pray for the familiies, and may those beloved men rest in peace, because God help me, they are deceased. I am so sorry that this has happened.

  16. Thanks for your comment and I feel the same way. All the evidence you need is in the trail of lies by C. and the calls he made in later to try to get evidence to cover his ass. Dead giveaway is that he used the "fake" birthdate T.W. gave out of "April Fool's Day." And that he went to that isolated wild area several times indicated to me that was the most likely place to look for remains. He might have moved the bodies later after, though, after he learned his movements had been tracked. I think Terrance's mother is a very spiritual woman and that's where her strength comes from. I hope she (and Felipe's family too, of course) see justice before they die.

  17. I have been googling Steve Calkins since I watched Disappeared on Sunday. The stange thing is, I can't find anything about him. I did find his wife on a dental website. How can a cop be so anonymous? I mean he's clearly guilty of the disappearance of at least the two men. The guy doesn't even have a Facebook! What's he hiding from? I do believe that he will be charged with murder in the future. I also believe that he has more victims out there. Anyone else wonder if had something to do with The Fort Meyers Eight? They were all murdered from 1990-2000. Calkins was a Deputy from 1987-2004. Coincidence, maybe. This story needs to be blasted on the National news like Casey Anthony. These families deserve closure and justice. Someone should reach out to Nancy Grace, she would be all over this story.

    I pray for the families and the victims. I pray for justice. I pray for the safety of others as long as this man is free.

  18. Nancy Grace is a good idea! Thanks for your comment.

  19. Please support us and help us find terrance and Felipe! We've started a facebook page and a petition. Everytime we get a signature, an email is sent to the local authorities in charge of the case! We want a REAL investigation!
    please join our page and share!
    thank you

  20. What a great cause. I'll promote this to a full post on the blog in the hopes you get more signatures. Thanks to you and the others for doing this, Lucie!

    1. thank you so much William. heres the link to our petition: more than 130 signatures have been reached in a few days!

  21. I am happy to hear this Lucie! Let's hope justice is done.

  22. Great blog. This story is so unsettling and frightening. Question though- did they ever identify the body they found in the woods close to where Felipe disappeared?

  23. Thanks. You might want to sign the petition on Facebook that will be given to the Governor of Florida. When I signed, it was like 13 signatures. Last I checked it was well over 400. It might have reached 1,000 or more by now. I didn't year any update on this. They say the DNA test can take a long time. I never understand why sometimes it's so long and other times they rush it through.

  24. Hitman anybody? Its what I do to people like this police cock.lin guy..

  25. YEAH KILL HIM!!!!

  26. This was the most distressing episode of Disappeared I've seen, and I've watched them all. The petition is currently at 1,294 out of 1,500. There was also news of a more thorough search in the area at the end of April, supposedly they have not revealed what (if anything) was found but did say the medical examiner was not called to the scene. Here's the article:

    Like others, I feel so much time has gone by that he easily could have removed evidence. I also believe these are not his only 2 victims and since it seems he *TRIED* to target those on the lower rungs of society, he may've successfully murdered people that really don't have any close family to care about and search for them. I can't put into words how depressed and outraged this story has made me.

    And one thing that really creeped me out is how they said that his squad car was "immaculate" - not just that nothing incriminating was found, but it was immaculately clean. Come on now, that's an instant red flag right there.

    I'll never forget this, and I'll be hoping to see justice done until the day I, too, am gone.

  27. I qeuss the will figure out who's body it will be.

    It's a obivious story and very clear Calkins did it.. Motive: I'm sure racism.. there will be justice.

    I think he put a lot away in his house, but the hadn't enough proof to search it. So stupid cause he is a big lier.. And the know. It's strange. I don't know why but I have the feeling they just want to put it al away..
    So the bad image for the corps will stop in de media..

  28. His motive wasn't racism, he is just a serial killer. And he picks victims who he believes are the strays of society, like an illegal immigrant, or a gang banger. He thinks nobody will go looking for them when their missing. At the cemetery, he thought nobody was around because why would you carelessly try to stage an abandoned car and then throw the keys on the ground. He has been caught in several lies and then stopped cooperating. He did it, unfortunately it will probably take another victim to get him caught because the piece of shit, 30 hour community college educated sherriffs closed the case.

  29. I just watched the new episode of this on Find Our Missing and I am so upset and outdone about the fact that this POS cop was not investigated, tried and convicted. They have gotten people convicted with much less evidence!!! I just hope the families are going to shake this up, protest, march and do whatever it takes to get this solved and find their loved ones!!!