Monday, January 2, 2012

Forget You

Cats make absorbing criminals
But roses? photogenic thieves too

Just Ask the Raindrops
I have never not known you

Even before we plummetted
Arousing a rabble of Angry Villagers

Our city put on its fright wig
A bunch of lovers surprise me from behind

As all great lovers you perish
In an unreasonable war tent and season

You are buried next to the wrong soldier
a war's funny lark

People mostly scream in spirals
It's rarely a straight line

Such people are not straight

I spend my time a fugitive from the mind

The sea flaps its gums, sometimes wings

"Forget You!" is spoken
It sounds an imperative
so means Emperor, I guess

But who or what is being commanded?

And why does the Invisible Army always
sink on its heels and smile

Why does my Army make miltant love

and hate only in dulcet tones?

I am a seagull flying through
the smoked caramel air of the boardwalk

I will always be the pigeons
in your abandoned parking garage

which looks so much more Mayan

and homey every December

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