Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Probably horrible for you.

Cranberries, almonds, dark chocolate and raisins.

It got a "C+" on one nutritional rating site.

But the tiny little squares of dark chocolate (they're like little microchips) go wonderfully with the almonds.

Wally World stocks this but I think they might be phasing it out.

Anytime I fall in love with something in a store they stop carrying it in a week or two.

I must be cursed.


  1. Paul DInello's ManservantJanuary 25, 2012 at 1:47 PM

    I'm cursed, too. Everything I love gets discontinued, from a particular dishwashing sponge (so simple but exactly right), to a particular lip balm (actually two different lip balms, as I finally found a substitute to the discontinued brand, only to have that, too, disappear), to a particular shampoo. Now I found a pistachio gelato at Walmart that's to die for, and on my next visit there weren't any (as if they'd never existed). There's some sort of perversity at play.

  2. Another commonality we share. We must be Gemini or Dioscuri or something sick like that. Castor and Pollux. I love IKEA but if there was one very close to me I'd probably be angry at that all the time too. Because IKEA has a maddening habit of discontinuing hugely popular items (especially fragile ones). I got used to Mylonit lamps and now when they inevitably shatter (about one a year) I have gone through my "back supply." So I am thrown to the mercy of EBAY sellers. Although sometimes you'll get lucky and find something cheap. I used to love a lot of the Healing Garden room sprays (especially their lavendar one---I know lavendar is everywhere today but this was the best lavendar ever--made me sleepy like a drug) and they not only overhauled the presentation (to ugly) but got rid of all my favorite sprays, lotions and the rest. And I'm sure Ebay stuff is old and nasty by now. But I'm O.C.D. and still lament lost stores I Phar-Mor. I also have a weird obsession with dead malls (both the ones which are still there but empty) and the ones that were bulldozed. DEAD MALLS is an awesome site. Especially the photography.