Saturday, January 28, 2012

I Was Forced into R.L.

My computer was apparently going nuts far below the surface.

Because when I finally allowed it to auto-fix or whatever it's called, it ran for like 14 hours.

There was a problem with a quarter of a million files.

Those files had to be modified and then an equal number of "unused files" had to be changed, deleted something.

So I'm only getting back online the next day.

I had another computer to use but I didn't feel like freezing my ass off up there or dragging the space heater up those stairs.

So I just experienced real life a bit. Scary. lol


  1. Ooh-hoo-hoo-hoo! Meatspace! Scary, kids!

    (intended to be heard in the voice of Count Floyd)

    Usually I start those cleanup programs right before going to bed, so that they finish while we're asleep and no one is whining about being able to get on the computer (shared computer). Never had one take that long!

  2. It was a freakin nightmare. I lost all will to live.

  3. What happens when the power goes out?

    We lost power for three days after the ice storm in October. It was really weird. Quiet.

  4. I go nuts when that stuff happens. Well, I'm already nuts. But I go really nuts. It's not the computer loss that does me in. It's other things. I remember getting really paranoid the last time this happened and went to a motel. Not for a computer. But to get out of the house. I had tried taking a walk around the town but that didn't chill me out. I don't even remember what weirded me out. Maybe the silence. As you mention. Because I did have candles. I think it was the security system being down. "Little" things like that.