Friday, January 27, 2012

Thirteen Poems


       MY LIFE

A long green necklace is bored with life
Sometimes a drumming begins
Begins without explanation
My life
It was so long and green
Oh explanation
Not a reason
Listen Fuckface
Explanations are not reasons


People wearing fuckhead snake masks are indifferent to me
Because they see my fuckhead snake mask


Often i am a cunt
the way our blue morning is a cunt
I don't have a problem
with you or anyone else
Unless you're killing someone
and really who isn't


I go to the Dollar Store
as an Inuit to an ice floe
I once committed infanticide
against myself
Now this old woman bothers me
The old woman I mean me
Long flowing white hair
I scout polar bears constantly
I blog beautiful fishhooks made of bone


I am living in Amerindia
a Paiute ghost milf
who discovered natural crack in a flower
and won't share
Natural crack
I keep it all for myself

I hate you villages who hate me

I walk around the periphery
a ghost spitting bad mojo

on your splendid buffalo

          CLUMSY BEAR

This flower has a clitoris
Many of them do
Push Push Push
I'm tired of my skin
I cut it off in tiny squares with an X-Acto knife
I can't claw it off
I can't spell in your language
Behold my words are flowers
My skin is fuschia sometimes orchid colors
People burn themselves inside a bank
People borrow death from a bank
They get weird loans
I am the ghost of a loan modification specialist
I know where your clitoris is
Push Push Push


I say hurtful things
I swim like an eel
This water is too damn shallow

I blame you

And not the Ocean


I alienate people
And then I cry
Why can't you be another form of crack
Instead of a person
Poets ask, "Are you on crack?"

Nature is my crack

Nature is one Big Crack

          EXIT SIGN

Steely-eyed lambs in the slaughterhouse
I thing I many things I love you
We have determinants

The most memorable blood would be blonde blood

The most memorable blood music

Spit all over my smock now


We have an EXIT sign
No EXIST sign
Quite the opposite
Let me cook you this bloody piece of animal
Don't be afraid
As grasses pretend in wind
We should only pretend
Like the rain
Like the military
What have you done with milk
The unnatural edges
of milk

          WOODY ALLEN

One animal stabs another
Over and over
It's supposed to be funny
SAW number whatever
These relationship movies
They're like Woody Allen movies
This one is
You have to cut your hand off
Or something much worse
Something abstract
Just to get away
And Dr. Phil makes a cameo
in the parody of this movie


surround my psychic nudity
as a cloud of yellow butterflies
I am ecstatic
I am all the paper that ever blew free
the history of the world all at once

pliers taken to a prepuce or clitoris
Your snuff films
Projected on my walls
A murderer I will kirr you

"I hope we are still friends"

"I think of you often"


There is nothing to prove
The yellow bird sings

Outside the world called you are called

Nothing to prove
It has all been proven unproven
You are naked supine
Your ass is in the wind

A yellow bird sings

Thank God I was disproved

Now maybe I'll live

A yellow bird on crack

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