Tuesday, January 31, 2012


eat another mini mounds bar and listen to the trio from madama butterfly.

this version is 2008.

Ten.Gerald Powers, Mezzo-sop. Ryu-Kyung Kim and Bar. Shouvik Mondle in Fresno Grand Opera's Madama Butterfly production.

"La stanza!!"

I love it how Pinkerton is such a lout even here.

"Sharpless, v'aspetto per via."

In other words, I'll wait for you in the car (literally, out in the road).

Motherfucker lol.

I liked this (nice set design) but I've definitely heard more impassioned singers work this little jewel.

I remember my old opera buff friend--how much he despised poor Giacomo.

Maybe it's a gay thang.

I love the ridiculous over-emotionality of the music.

what's not to like?

weird to think this is Nagasaki which will later be nuked.


  1. Aw, I love Puccini. I have more than once gotten choked up during "Un bel di." It would have to be a lousy version for me *not* to get choked up.

    But opera criticism tends to go way over my head. And perhaps I'm not that big of a snob. Hell, I once burst into tears watching a duet between Andrea Bocelli and Elmo on Sesame Street (it was just so freaking sweet)!

    Here are two Puccini arias by the breathtakingly wonderful Swedish tenor Jussi Bjorling (Che gelida manina from La Boheme--1938, and E lucevan le stelle from Tosca--1957).



  2. Thanks for the Puccini links, Amy!

    I just woke up. In fact, I typoed your name as "May" at first.

    I put bubble bath in the tub and have a new book of short fiction I found in the dollar store the other day so am looking forward to being transported to another world or else getting really bitchy really fast in suds.

  3. I like what Malcolm McClaren did with "Un bel di" btw...RIP Malcolm!