Tuesday, February 28, 2012


I just realized Dru is in his fifties (cat years) and Malkin is a teenager. No wonder Dru wants to kill him.

When we got Dru he was so tiny. I worried he was too young but they insisted he had been weaned. And he would have ended up dead, since most of Momma's kittens who had followed their stray cat mother into the forests of that mountain had been picked off by predators.

She was a terrible mother. Don't let Dru hear me say that.

I've told Dru a much more romantic story about his mother, since he doesn't remember. He believes she worked in the theater. He hears plaudits in his head when he thinks of his mother, second curtain calls, glamor. If he knew...

Dru's neuroticism (staying on that porch on that house built on the side of a mountain) is what saved him. Plus he had bonded with an older white male cat (blind). It was a surrogate father, not the actual one. What we were told, anyway. It was a stray cat colony, so probability favors that being the truth.

They told us later it's good we took him when we did. The father figure died the week or so after that. I can only pray that wasn't heartbreak.

Lately when I spend time in what is more "Dru's terrain," I notice Dru makes an effort to connect with me. He's always had the bond with Lee. And there were times in his life when he didn't even try with me. Cats know when you're an addict. During my bad phases, he often stayed away. Sometimes he would watch. It's not like I ever did anything cruel or even yelled at him. It think it's just that during those times he sensed I was disturbed. I guess even cats get disgusted.

And now I am forgiven and he's trying to resocialize me, which I think is cute.

He'll come to my lap before Lee's.

But. He's so sensitive with age. He is the original "crotchety old man." If I have an itch on the back of my leg or want to adjust a sock or reach for a blanket, he must jump down and abandon me in disgust.

It's like "You don't get it." The social contract. It means you don' move a fuckin smidgeon when I'm on you.

It's like poking the Queen.

You don't do it. Ever. Even if she's looking particularly cute.

They say cats help your blood pressure.

I'm not sure I believe that's a big point gain in the lower direction.

But I don't buy the twenty minutes a day of exercise or nothing theory either.

Because lately I drop and do push ups (like forty at a time) throughout my day and it's not that long, not nearly twenty minutes of exercise.

And my blood pressure has gone down day by day.

And today it was 125/80, which is very good for me.

So I am a proponent of "micro-cises" and micro-sising."

You won't lose weight that way. But I believe you will lower your blood pressure, help your overall health and build muscle tissue.

So the "all or nothing" school is probably wrong.


  1. It's mysterious, how cats pick their one special person in a family of people. It's not necessarily who loves them more or who is nicer to them.

    They do mellow with age, I think. They become less territorial. Our last set of kitties didn't mellow enough to be lap cats until they were at least ten years old. Though they each had one quirky way they liked to be picked up and carried, even when they were younger. Romeo used to like me to carry him around in the laundry basket. Maybe it made him feel like a mahoot on an elephant. I would say "are you ready?" he would sit down and get ready for takeoff, so to speak, and I'd parade him slowly around the house, singing his little song. Sam used to like me to pick him up and take him to the window, for a better view--especially a better view of the birds. Once in a blue moon he also liked it when I danced with him--sort of a gentle slow bouncing across the room.

    Isn't it fish watching, that helps your blood pressure? Maybe stroking a cat does much the same thing.

  2. Hi Amy. Oh, he definitely loves Lee more lol. I can live with it. Metnal pictures I'm having of your "kitteh rituals" are delightful to my brain. I heard that about fish too. I don't think just stroking the cat works, as my BP was generally up but with the exercise is down every time I check Much better than it was anyway. I think they want you below 80 now or something like that! If it worked, I'd just get a script for cats. And take them every day. It might give me the rationalization I need to become a crazy cat lady. xo