Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Lee gave me Gotye's Making Mirrors c.d. the other day.

On first listen, I was definitely disappointed.

It's strange. He's really into throwback music.

I like the music of the early eighties as much as anyone.

But I tend to like contempo musicians to quote it, or satirize it or do a little tribute in the middle of a song to it.

But to live in it seems so strange.

Gotye's album (with a few exceptions) seems to reside there.

Even the seeming parodies (like "State of the Art" above) seem to still sound like parodies written several decades ago.

Doesn't that sound like a slack parody to you? A slack song in general? It would have sounded pretty novel in, say, 1982.

It's not Laurie Anderson. It's not Art of Noise. Even if it came out in 1982 it's not going to touch the musical and lyrical inventiveness of either of those.

This almost sounds like ad work. It would work in the context of a commercial, I think.

Maybe you'll say: whatthehell you want? More dubsteb? More cow bell?

It definitely stands out from the current crop. Like a purple cow.

And if there are any kids who never heard the eighties sounds, they might love this just because of this largely dated quality.

Not every single song sounds dated. But songs like "Eyes Wide Open" (a single) definitely do. I don't think the first single ("Somebody Who I Used to Know) does exactly, but its choice of instrumentation (which I love actually) is very much an early eighties choice.

He's too young to remember these songs the first time around.

Maybe Wally de Becker inherited his parents' record/cd collection and listened only to that.

There are a few gems on here.

Lee wanted to surprise me. And I had made the mistake of talking about Gotye too much.

I've been playing this Gotye album a lot and I don't even have Bjork's new one.

They hate her in England. I thought it was so funny she was up for a Brit award. The audience got virtually dead silent when her name was announced and her clip was shown.

I remember how she could never get a break in the English press even while she was becoming a household name in the rest of the world.

I think the word most commonly applied to Bjork in the British press in those days was "slag." Usually "that Icelandic slag." Which was probably racist used that way. Since sometimes they substituted a not-so-nice adjective for "Icelandic."

I don't think it's only because she was dating Goldie (who was pretty loved) and they had an ugly breakup.

I think Bjork had a lot of hipster qualities before anyone was saying the word hipster.

Maybe more hippie qualities, I don't know.

I can't see British culture embracing that (then or now) without doing it from a very great height, say as a condescending, archly amused article in the Guardian.

In general, British culture feels like a guardian at most times.

American culture feels more like a slut.

With her legs spread wide and giggling.

A slut on helium, talking funny.

That's America.

And I'm proud of that.


  1. "A slut on helium, talking funny."

    Sort of reminds me of most of the late late night Cartoon Network lineup. Or Jenny McCarthy. Or Tank Girl.

    Or Gir from Invader Zim, except in drag. This set of clips includes his Doom Song. I lurve the Doom Song. "Doom, doom, doom, doomy doom, doom!"


  2. I guess that wasn't very p.c.

    I didn't mean it that way, though.

    It's just a metaphor for my sense that America is open to "conversation," more and possibly engaging with other cultures.

    Maybe I shouldn't judge a cultured I haven't even lived with. Maybe Brits are not as xenophobic as I tend to think they are. I know they still ignore French culture, but look at the history they have with France.

    "The Doom Song" is funny.

    I like Jenny McCartney and even her movies though I know critics rip them to shreds. I just like her outre sense of humor. It's "good stupid" and not "bad stupid." For me, I mean.
    I think her physical comedy is often the funniest. She reminds me of Jerry Lewis, except funnier to me. They both do a hella lot of funny faces. No wonder Jim Carrey fell in love with her. They both have Pla-dough faces lol. I haven't looked at the election results tonight. I'm curious about that big race. I think if Newt hangs in there he's gonna whomp his competition in the South. I don't see the South voting bigtime for Santorum. The usual hatred of Catholicism will probably kick in. And I'm sure Mormonism isn't going to sit well with a lot of deep South voters. Maybe I"m using horrible stereotypes about the South, but it seems that's really what happens at the polls all the time. Newt is probaby the only candidate who "makes sense" to Georgia Republicans, I bet.
    If the party doesn't go with Romney, they're going to lose the general election (yay!). With Romney, I still think Obama will win but I'm not as sure. Who do you think it's going to be for party vote and who for president. If you asked yourself yet, I mean?