Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Narcissistic Personality Disorder

1. Darren Mack is born into a position of privilege and is quickly a spoiled child.
2. His father dies and he inherits a significant portion of the family business.
3. He is already over six feet tall and handsome. This allows him to boost his swag and swagger.
4. He meets Charla and finds her a suitable trophy wife and sex bunny.
5. He enters the swinging lifestyle and insists his wife does too.
6. She has a child and grows tired of doing this. Probably she feels cheap and like a sexual toy or trading card by now.
7. They divorce.
8. The judge awards Charla Mack a decent amount of alimony. Perhaps the judge sasses a little. Judges are known to sass.
9. Darren Mack waits for his wife in her garage and stabs her to death. The amount of money awarded, the fact that his wife "beat him" at something and the fact that the judge held power of Darren Mack were all unforgivable things in the mind of Darren Mack.
10. Immediately after this he positions himself as a sniper and shoots the judge who pissed him off through an office window, but fails to kill him.
11. Darren Mack is charged with murder and attempted murder.
12. He compliments the d.a.s who are prosecuting them and shakes their hands. He compliments the (new) presiding judge in the presence of the other judge. This is how he manages to keep the illusion of control and insult the judge he shot in a court of law.
13. He makes a plea deal for life in prison and then changes his mind and fires his attorneys and attacks them for "persecuting him."
14. He never says he's sorry when his dead wife's loved ones read their victim impact statements.
15. When he is given the chance to apologize, he speaks for three hours trying to explain how it was self-defense and all Charla's fault that he murdered her, everything was her fault actually, but he still loves her anyway and (by implication) forgives her.
16. Mack's teen son cries for him and says how much he will be losing when his father is taken away (not eligible for parole for 83 years).
17. Previous to his trial, Mack had sought out other people (men and women) who hated the judge he shot and some of them were present in the courtroom to show support for him.
18. The slaughtered woman's mother played a song her dead daughter had written about leaving her husband and the court sat in silence and listened to this very honest, not vengeful, but almost pitying song directed at her husband. It was clear she had found a way to be psychologically free from him and was looking forward to living her life. She had a quite beautiful voice and a gift for composition.
19. Her husband looked very bored when this song played. He looked very bored anytime something in the courtroom was not directly about him or about the great injustice being committed against him.

If I had to cite the perfect textbook case of narcissistic personality disorder, I would be very hard-pressed to come up with someone who more exactly fits the characteristics and exhibits more stereotypical behavior of this personality disorder than Darren Mack. Homicidal alpha male. It scary to think there are cultures (some parts of South America, some parts of the Middle East) where these exact traits have been selected for in the Darwinian schema. I mean where men are deliberately raised to be this way.

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