Thursday, May 10, 2012

i bet kiefer sutherland

i bet kiefer sutherland has worse nightmares than i do. he looks so goddamn haunted all the time. i can't see him as an actor because i see him more as a sort of walking portrait painting. by like a very, very mortal painter. almost francis bacon bad. but pull back some. so i guess like lucian freud. he's like a walking lucian freud painting. the man has a palpable sense of doom about him. i'm sure it's nothing he did and i don't get a feeling of evil. just this tragic feeling of a man cursed. i wonder why i feel that way about him? i don't watch any of his programs but you can't avoid seeing his face like three times a day if you watch any t.v. channel whatsoever. or even if you only look at magazines. because he's damn ubiquitous for somebody who (am i wrong in this) left hollywood behind decades ago and only works in t.v. obviously he has tens of millions of devoted fans. and his new show is taking off well. i've tried watching one or two episodes of his original big show but i only lasted like two and a half minutes. i think he's one of a generation of eighties actors who were hot for like fifteen minutes and then went straight to the tragic aura of doom. but even a tragic aura of doom has a certain bankability if you're even a halfway decent actor i guess. especially on television. but the truth is i'd much rather watch sophia vergara queef out a comic performance.

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