Saturday, June 30, 2012

I Keep Focusing on How Random Language Is

Well it is and isn't.

But I keep imagining the idea of suffixes or prefixes which cue context for sentences.

What's scary is how many of these can already be signified by the use of quotation marks.

In other words, underscoring many of these things with scare quotes allows one to hear the tocsin which alerts one to possible rhetorical abuse of the truth.

Like this is just a partial list of what I think could be signified. Use your imagination and imagine many more.

A prefix or a suffix meaning...

1. This statement is believed true but unprovable by or within conventional logic.

2. This statement is of course a paradox, and I want you to realize I know that even as I am speaking/writing it.

3. This statement is factually misleading, but deliberately so.

4. This statement is completely earnest despite your understandable response of extreme skepticism.

5.  This statement is a result of human horniness. Please weight it accordingly.

6. This statement is hothead bait.

7. This statement was generated by a desire for attention and nothing more. Please see me for a "real sentence."

 8. This statement says absolutely nothing. You may read it or skip it.

9. This statement has an unreliable source and every one knows he or she lies.

10. This statement is only being spoken so that you will deduce what it is really trying to say. It hasn't the bravery or accountability to state that hidden sentence.


  1. Joe i am attempting to find out who coined the term SCARE quotes and when, pre 1946 for sure, and why the word SCARE. and also i hate the term SCARE QUOTES because it seems meaningless with the word scare, so i am looking for suggestions for a better word for this term: re:

    if advice, email me at ''soi distant'' aka

    danbloom AT GMAIL dot com

    Sunday, July 1, 2012
    A new word for SCARE QUOTES? Yes, the old term must go; let's call them "YOUR SUGGESTION HERE"
    The culture needs a new word for SCARE QUOTES since nobody knows what the heck it mean or why the word SCARE is there. Yes, the old term must go; so let's call them "YOUR SUGGESTION HERE"....


    dick quotes (a Jon Stewart term
    call quotes
    call-out quotes
    pull quotes
    sneer quotes
    crash quotes
    safety quotes
    mission quote
    target quote
    moon quote
    spot quote
    fire quote
    free quote
    boob quote
    focus quote
    gall quote
    bare quotes (they bare all)
    shit quote
    fuck quote
    highlight quotes
    fear quote
    flag quote
    screen quote
    laser quote
    sun quote
    circle quote


    Posted by dan at 3:45 AM 1 comment:
    Anonymous said...
    Instead of "scare quotes", I shall henceforth use "soi-disant"

    July 1, 2012 3:47 AM

  2. I like the list. I'm not Joe. He died. But you can call me Joe. Or Al. I'm surprised "twat quotes" isn't there. Because it sounds sorta nice. Jon's dick quotes seems sorta typically hetero phallocentric. Yes, I realize I'm a dick for using a word like phallocentric.

  3. Or "twat waffle quotes." I like that better.