Monday, June 18, 2012

Why is Pax Prentiss

I'm very happy that Pax Prentiss defeated his many addictions, but they run that Passages Malibu commercial to death on Investigation Discovery. How many people do they think can afford two thousand a day or whatever that rehab costs (probably more).

He badmouths 12 step programs (obviously a swipe at AA over all others) and implies spending a few days in the Malibu sun can cure a lifetime of addiction. Yeah, let's all go stare at the same ocean that Pamela Anderson stares at. That should solve everyone's problems.

The commercial shows a beautiful, fit woman who looks like a gymnast doing tai-chi or something on the lawn of a very expensive-looking and ugly New Age type building. I think they show someone getting a massage (a 2K a day massage, I'm sure) and some palm trees.

I'm so convinced.

And if Pax Prentiss is truly no longer an addict, why is he wearing purple pajamas in the middle of the afternoon?

Or is addiction replaced with membership in a cult.

How can you not think "cult" when you see purple pajamas? In the middle of the Malibu afternoon.

Checking afterwards found this online:  "A dry-out session at Passages will cost you $67550 a month. ((((coughs)))) ..."


  1. Very funny snipe at Passages. It never ceases to amaze me that no one can kick drugs without spending six weeks in a resort setting. Then it's back to your real life? More drugs please...

  2. lol Thanks. Yeah, and all they did was fight all the time on Gilligan's Island too. So if it's the idea of getting away from everyone, from the stresses of civilization, then it's a crackpot idea. This is evil to say and I totally intend it as a skittish joke, but what is one of the 2,000 bucks a day residents knifed one of the other 2,000 a day resident because of some form of therapy practiced there. Then it would have this feel of Compton in stupid white people's minds. So rich people would be like, "I DARE you to send your little precious girly boy to PASSAGES. He'd be dead in a week." And the other rich dad could reply, "I accept your dare. My kid versus your kid. At PASSAGES. And the dads would agree the kid who killed the other kid would be backed up in court and gotten off the hook. Because it had been a legitimate bloodlust STAR TREK-y test of manliness. And over the door of PASSAGES it would say, WE SALUTE YOU WHO ARE ABOUT TO DIE, the opposite of the gladiator greeting.