Monday, July 16, 2012


I will be losing my internet connection soon and I don't know when so will have no means of communicating electronically. No email either. Trusted the wrong person. I'll probably lose my house. I have no vehicle, no way to get anywhere that's not within walking distance. I'm so worried about these cats. I suppose it's a long process so maybe something good will happen. I remember when I was the wronging party. Well to be the wronged party doesn't feel any better (there's no moral superiority really since the gutted feelin trumps that). I suppose I should feel it's the justice thing, but that won't help me either. To think that it can come to the point that someone you would have trusted with your life now cannot even be trusted not to steal money. Paid his last car payment and started his new life. Too funny. For those of you saying, "It couldn't happen to a nicer person!" Well, here's your moment. Enjoy. This isn't posted for empathy comments, a place to leave greeting cards or anything. I think I know who wishes me well by now, so Thanks for that. Just explaining.


  1. Paul Dinello's ManservantJuly 17, 2012 at 10:02 AM

    Re: your news -- Oh dear god.

  2. Good grief. Stay strong. I'm sending my angel to talk to your angel.

  3. What what what? I'm way behind on the blogs since being in the hospital (nine days, pneumonia, intensive care, yes it was very bad, yes I am OK now, or will be in a few more weeks).

    What what what? I'm so sorry this has happened. I wish you the best of luck, serendipity, blessings, and the most keen and sober discernment on your part in this looking for a roommate process you've embarked on. You might meet someone who's a real peach--here's hoping!

  4. Thanks, much! I apologize for being the biggest Drama Queen of the Dramasphere...erm...Blogosphere. Today was a much better day. I should learn to sit on my tongue more. There must be some proverb like that in some old language. Or Frost talking about fences making good neighbors. I cry over fences too often. xo