Saturday, July 21, 2012

Sucide Prevention Trowels

Some people try to help.
They give me words.
Some even hand me bits of masonry,
scrolls, instructions on building
the  Necessary Walls.
I understand the propaganda
but  I stop listening..
I  know this is Masada.
My God, there are still chilren in here,
oblivious, laughing.. Funny kids playing tag
under a death sentence.
No one gives a shit.
We're so sorry.
This is the best form of protection
we could come up with.
You know many of the masons
of Masada whistled while they worked.
Occasionally, a tiny, cock-eyed bird
would perch nearby and watch.
We will fuck the Dour,
fuck the door.
We retreat to that blue window
over our heads,.we will
gather the children up
by luring them close
with funny riddles.


  1. Ah, if I lived nearby, I could bring lunch and spare the words.

  2. Thanks, Amy! And for the emails! I hope you are more fully down the road of the mend! xo