Friday, August 31, 2012

Do You Laugh?

Do you laugh when you see the commercial for Magnum ice cream? I don't get it. How do they get to use the same name as the condom? Is it the same company making the ice cream and the condoms. They're clearly playing off the sexual cachet of Magnum in the commercials. I think the one commercial ends  with  "For serious pleasure seekers." It messes with my head. If it is the same company making both, could you possibly find a condom in your ice cream? Or maybe they make a "condom flavored ice cream?'. That would be really nasty. It sounds like the sort of urban legend that could grow legs.


  1. YES, I do laugh. Magnums are the first and last brand I ever had on hand. They're also one of my fondest memories of living in Turku (which is the only place I ever saw them until very recently).

  2. Sometimes I laugh. Usually I make the sort of face I might make if I found a squashed slug on the sole of my shoe.

  3. Brooklyn, I think it's so cool that you're a translator and have lived in other cultures (especially when young, when it's most liberating!). I remember you writing something about why translation and thinking "through" another culture or cultures is vital to poets. I tend to agree, whether you physically go there or not anyway. I just giggle at the commercial. I never did Google it to see if it's the same company. It just seems so weeeeird! lol@slugface, Amy. I immediately go and do penance if that happens. I get slug guilt. When Malkin was still a stray and I was leaving food for him outside, I would always get grossed out in the morning to see a slug horning in on his cat food. And when they left, they left behind silver "pecker tracks" that glistened in the morning sun.