Thursday, August 30, 2012

Michael Cera

Michael Cera is in a Lifetime television movie on right now.

He must be nine or ten years old.

He's in virtually every scene.

He's a good actor even at this age.

My favorite Michael Cera photo is one that kept getting captioned on Cheezburger. The one where he's leaping like a deer in what looks like New York darkness.

I remember everybody being freaked out, because he looks like he's forty-five or thereabouts in that pic.

It's weird how photos can do things like that.


  1. I just web searched 'Michael Cera' and 'Lifetime
    Movie' after seeing the same thing this evening while I was getting a manicure and had the exact same thoughts about Michael's understated yet convincing performance. Cool.

  2. hi Katia. Glad you saw that oo. I figured he started acting much later. He's certainly an original. He's one of those actors who has sort of become a cultural meme. :-)