Friday, August 31, 2012

slattern doll living a slatternly existence


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  2. Hi Juliet. I'm not quite sure why you linked to this post. I visited and I saw you were posing and asking if you looked like "a doll." No, I think you look like a human being, not a doll. And you say you're thirteen. I know it's probably fun to pose in various (provocative) ways and post it, but please be careful who you speak with or give any personal information, since there are many ONLINE PREDATORS who are DANGEROUS and look for young girls who are eager to make friends online. And these stories often end VERY HORRIBLY. Please be safe. Don't hate me for asking this, but have your parents seen those photos? If you wouldn't want them to see them, it should make you question whether posting them might not be a great idea. Some of the girls who were found by online predators have never been found. They are dead and gone. Not trying to scare you. Okay, I am. I do want to scare you. Please be careful.

  3. Hey, I'm going to deactivate that link. Because I have no idea what sort of other photos you might post in the future, even though nothing I saw today "crossed the 'legal line'."

    No offense intended!

    Be well and enjoy your life.