Monday, August 27, 2012


Untitled by William Keckler
Untitled, a photo by William Keckler on Flickr.


  1. Sexy. I can stare at this one all day.

    I downloaded it and turned it upside down, but it doesn't work that way.

  2. Thanks! It is a bit of a crotch, so I loled at your upside-down reference. I guess I got lucky with the bokeh effects...and the atmosphere after rain was really beautiful in the country (York county) yesterday evening. I had someone drop me off a mile or two from my destination and walked the last mile down a country road. But the trees were actually right next to where I was going and I'm familiar with that stretch of creek, that slice of mountain on the far side of the creek. While I was visiting, an hour later we heard a tree fall down the side of the mountain. I wish my camera wasn't such a cheap camera that lies so much but maybe in that we are a bit of a match. ;-)