Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Brown Duncan

I remember when I was gaily traversing Brown University's campus, thinking, "Ducan Sheik was here!"

Let's you know how frivolous/pop-oriented I am.

When I went through RISD, I was wowed by the collection, but I also thought, "Talking Heads were here!"

I was happy to see this song (which was a favorite of mine in the nineties) used on a recent episode of Glee.

I still think it's pretty much a lethal pop hook.

Strange that Sheik went on to have such success with his adaptation of that Wedekind play. I remember reading that play in a doctor's waiting room before my visit in the nineties. That doctor is long dead.

I never would have guessed anyone (let alone Duncan Sheik) would adapt that to a successful Broadway musical. It's such a downer!

I think I was so into Duncan Sheik in the nineties because he reminded me of someone I had a big crush on. Now I watch the videos and find all the affected posing just silly.


Untitled by William Keckler
Untitled, a photo by William Keckler on Flickr.


Untitled by William Keckler
Untitled, a photo by William Keckler on Flickr.


Untitled by William Keckler
Untitled, a photo by William Keckler on Flickr.


Untitled by William Keckler
Untitled, a photo by William Keckler on Flickr.

dom/ninja turtle

dom/ninja turtle by William Keckler
dom/ninja turtle, a photo by William Keckler on Flickr.


Untitled by William Keckler
Untitled, a photo by William Keckler on Flickr.


Untitled by William Keckler
Untitled, a photo by William Keckler on Flickr.

Happy Halloween!

God, This is Wonderful! Alice in Wonderland (1903)

Here's the backstory from the YouTube posting:

The first-ever film version of Lewis Carroll's tale has recently been restored by the BFI National Archive from severely damaged materials. Made just 37 years after Lewis Carroll wrote his novel and eight years after the birth of cinema, the adaptation was directed by Cecil Hepworth and Percy Stow, and was based on Sir John Tenniel's original illustrations. In an act that was to echo more than 100 years later, Hepworth cast his wife as the Red Queen, and he himself appears as the Frog Footman. Even the Cheshire cat is played by a family pet.

With a running time of just 12 minutes (8 of which survive), Alice in Wonderland was the longest film produced in England at that time. Film archivists have been able to restore the film's original colours for the first time in over 100 years.

Music: 'Jill in the Box', composed and performed by Wendy Hiscocks.

This restoration was supported by The Headley Trust and The Pilgrim Trust.

To find out more about the film, visit

To book tickets to 'Alice in Wonderland - A BFI IMAX 3D Experience', visit

To find out more about BFI Southbank's season of Alice in Wonderland adaptations, visit

The Rarely-Seen Snake Vs. Peacock Dance

Wendy Morgan gave me a link to this on Flickr and I wanted to share it because it's hilarious.

I'm going to do both parts of this dance at my polling place on Election Day.

Wendy Morgan is a stone-cold genius. If you don't believe me, check out her Flickr (there's a link at the left).

The photos she's been posting lately leave me feeling rather ecorche--as though someone just reached out and ripped my entire skin away.

I mean that in a good way.

Voodoo Love Doll

Voodoo Love Doll by William Keckler
Voodoo Love Doll, a photo by William Keckler on Flickr.

i heart gutai.

I Believe

I believe most sensible people who happen to aspire to be rich, aspire to be rich only so that they make keep other people (and their inevitable misery) "the fuck away" from them. I can sort of understand this logic. Any other reason for wanting to be rich, however, strikes me as piggish and retrograde.

I Believe

I believe death is only performance art. I think the dead are just being performance artists. I think the dead are just being wily like John Cage with 4'33. Just longer.

Untruthful Parker Posey Factoid #983

Crayola will be replacing one of its newest (2008) colors, "Giving Tree," with the color "Parker Posey" in 2013. At first, it appeared as though "Super Happy" (also introduced in 2008) was going to get the axe, in light of current American economic woes. But "Giving Tree" proved so "religiously divisive" among kindergartners that the axe fell that direction instead. When contacted, a member of Crayola's executive board (who wished to remain anonymous) would not reveal what color "Parker Posey" will actually be, but stated , "Expect it to remind you of the East Village." This statement by Crayola was instantly and rather inexplicably denounced by the Mitt Romney campaign, several conservative "watchdog groups" and, of course, FOX NEWS. The new, as-yet-unknown color was denounced by conservative commentator Ann Coulter as "probably another neo-liberal fag color."

"Greetings From Wherever It Is I Am?"

Amnesiac Postcard series.

"is there someone there?"

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

I Just Think It's Fundamentally Wrong

to have an American president worth a quarter of a billion dollars. How could you ever expect him to understand what the "American experience" is for hundreds of millions of Americans whom he no doubt regards as an alien species. And there's Mayor Bloomberg in New York, whose channel I just clicked past. Is he an exception? I don't know New York politics. I barely even know Pennsylvania politics anymore. I'd seriously test much better on the politics of ancient Greece or Rome. Although obviously neither of those is that far removed from the way we conduct business. Although Greece (yes, slave states) had small enough populations that sometimes it could afford to dabble in various political idealisms--some of them quite creepy. Like the "idealism" of Sparta. But not so different was ancient Rome in the middle and late periods, bureaucratic Rome, which really was our spitting image quite often. It's undeniable that both cultures created the archetypes by which our stupid civilization stands: the orator statesman, the plutocrat, the dictator, generals bent on smashing cultures and generals bent on uniting cultures, state poets and state priests, etc. etc. Probably challenges to the intrinsic worth of the idea of power will be what changes this static model of civilization, if anything does. In this, I sort of side with the anarchists. Although they're crazy and it's another form of political idealism that is eons away from any practical realization, no matter whose brand of anarchy you subscribe to.

If You Had to Pick One Song to Succinctly State Your Autobiography?

For me, easy...

Not that I'm complaining.

It was mostly a comfortable Idaho. Perhaps that was the problem. :-)

I suppose I could have been born with gills or under the evil star of Thalidomide or been in one of the elevators of the WTC on 9-11.

So there's that to militate against complaint. I think you might get even better results with regard to knowing someone quickly with this question than with the entire Proust Questionnaire.

I mean if they had a song "like that" or felt as though they did.

Madrid - Reediciones - Palacio de Cristal

Celebrities Who Believe the World Will End in 2012

Allegedly, George Lucas, Dan Aykroyd, Lil Wayne, Woody Harrelson, Smashing Pumpkins, Mel Gibson, Shirley Maclaine, Canibus, Janeane Garofalo, Montel Williams and Ashton Kutcher.


booksnake!! by William Keckler
booksnake!!, a photo by William Keckler on Flickr.

post-hurricane bird this morning


minotaur by William Keckler
minotaur, a photo by William Keckler on Flickr.

bipolar bike ride

bipolar bike ride by William Keckler
bipolar bike ride, a photo by William Keckler on Flickr.

way home

way home by William Keckler
way home, a photo by William Keckler on Flickr.

gutai comp

Untitled by William Keckler
Untitled, a photo by William Keckler on Flickr.

Just Watched Now New Next Vote Hosted by Wanda Sykes on LOGO

Enjoyed it very much.

Always find her one of the best truth-dealers out there with her comedy.

I can never forget that great routine she did a few years back lampooning the health care of presidents past, miming her healtcare-deprived grandmother on the street begging passers-by, "Sir?...Sir?...Blowjob for a Boniva?"

Such a great voice for the disenfranchised and the disentitled.

This Must Be

This must be one of my favorite YouTube videos since I always seem to return to it. It's sort of a feast of images. Who is that going up the grand red staircase? I always giggle when they show Bette Davis in Jezebel looking so nervous dancing with Clark Gable as she realizes all of society has turned against her, en masse, simply because she chose to wear a scarlet gown to the ball. This ruins her life and try as she might to achieve contrition, it only comes when she agrees to go off and almost certainly get infected (and probably die) nursing cholerics (I think it was a cholera colony and not a leper colony). But I think Gable's character was sick with the disease, and this was also a way of showing her love and devotion to him, to prove that she had finally gotten past her willful selfishness. It's just a movie marked by hysteria. When one thinks of all the socially revolutionary movies being made and about to be made, the way-too-Biblically-literate theme is just ridiculous beyond imagining.

Hurricane Denial

I guess I was in hurricane denial, since I figured I couldn't even fathom losing my roof or my Mom losing her roof or something while trying to survive. So I mostly avoided the hurricane coverage. Until just now. I had seen Atlantic City's boardwalk getting torn up, Wildwood all sloshy with five feet here, ten feet there. But no real panic in the streets.

Can't believe the state of New York City. What a difference there. How are New Yorkers going to go "weeks" without the subway? The neonates being moved on "sleds" down stairs and out of NYU Hospital during the evacuation. Nearly 700,000 people without power. Depressing and disheartening stuff.

I guess give money to the Red Cross if you have it. I guess that would be the main charity.

I think Bloomberg did a good job with all the precautions. I saw the press conferences yesterday. I had this feeling they were overreacting but I was completely wrong. It was just my magical thinking and stupid optimism.

Nothing like a hurricane to remind us we might as well be living in 1812 on some days, some nights. For all the good our defenses do in certain circumstances.

But then there are countries where this sort of flooding takes hundreds of thousands of lives almost every other year, so...reality/realism sucks.

Untruthful Parker Posey Factoid #984

In contemporary China, one frequently encounters idols depicting Kuan Yin, Goddess of Mercy, with their facial features replaced by those of Parker Posey. Monks rarely restore these idols to their original condition, and the "Cult of Posey" is now actually outstripping the Cult of Kuan Yin in many parts of China.


elasticsprojection by zuzu knew
elasticsprojection, a photo by zuzu knew on Flickr.

studio collage

studio collage by zuzu knew
studio collage, a photo by zuzu knew on Flickr.

"im such a GIRL when it comes to criticism..."

Untruthful Factoid about Parker Posey #985

Parker Posey was evicted from her Brentwood address in the nineties for installing a large, fully operational trebuchet in her backyard. And using it at parties.

People Are Always Going On About New York

People are always praising New York to the skies, but how can I take it seriously when it doesn't have a single, large-scale, functioning trebuchet? When all five boroughs have large-scale, functioning trebuchets aimed at each other, I will see the drama you see in New York. I will share the dream.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Hard Liquor, Soft Holes

I was researching something druggy for something I've been working on (prose) and I ended up on this decadent blog.


Gay homostyle hurricanin'.

If Glee met Charles Baudelaire...

I'll add it to my blogroll. As if the blog author gives a shit.

But again. S'niiiice.

I'd add myself as a follower of the blog, but the author might think I'm a hetero male following the blog for the "wrong reasons." It's just swank. I didn't read enough to know the author's gender-identification, if that's even relevant, don't care, birth sex, whatever, yadda yadda. I just know the blog author photographs about as sexy as Darren Criss. With or without that funny ambigu-bow.

As a sample of the wit on tap, I'd cite this classic, wry line written at the end of the post "damn you, andrew cunanan!": ugh, so feeling vintage neon versace right now. rent boys are always taking away our most precious gifts.

Hitler Was Precise

Isn't it funny how when Hitler said he was gonna "ball some chick" he was being so grammatically precise? Because that's exactly right: ball. Singular.

The McGurk Effect

This is from the documentary I was just watching.

Isn't this a total mindfuck?

I think it's fascinating that the fellow says he's been studying linguistics and auditory cognition for a quarter of a century and even he's still fooled by this.

I love how the logical conclusion of this documentary is "We are all much more like synaesthetes than we realized."

As one who's always been given to synaesthesia (the Cocteau Twins are the apotheosis of this for me in music) I'm glad to hear that synaesthesia is the New Normal lol.

Perhaps "multisensory perception" are the two most important words in any language?

It strikes me as meaningful that "plasticity" is such an important part of my (particularly aesthetic/critical) vocabulary and both documentaries on cognition/perception I watched tonight focused on plasticity in cognition as a key concept.

The perceptual psychologist just stated literally what I had speculated about in a blog post in the recent past: do the blind actually hav a sort of "vision" despite being unable to process a single photon? There is still a virtually mathmetical one-to-one correspondence system that can be established, but I don't believe those mathematical universes are necessarily the same universe--maybe not a single one of these kingdoms of the blind matches up with one of its brother blindnesses. Sight is translated into other senses and even linguistic senses. But the permutations are infinite.

Great Show on Optical Illusions

was what I woke up to. I wondered what the interval for a magic trick to "work" is. The answer is here: 150 milliseconds. That probably applies to the interval in which a visual work of art new to our eyes lives or dies as well. Maybe slightly longer there.

Even more Wittgenstein than Wittgenstein, this docu, on the subjectivity of color. Insisting wavelength is not color. The gestalt theory of color is outlined just like the gestalt theory of shape (Wittgenstein's "duck/rabbit" for example).

The documentary insists science demonstrates only ten percent of color determination is optical wavelength. How the hell did scientists gauge that percent? Not sure I buy it. But I know through various illusions I've seen that there must be truth to this. "Illusions show us we see the world through the lens of the past." I thought that was a perceptive statement, from the viewpoint of evolutionary biology and the rest--the cognitive, Pavlovian thing or even the Sapir-Whorff thing.

I think it's funny that I opened a book randomly just now and arrived at what is perhaps the ultimate great quote on subjectivity: "Hot can be cool, and cool can be hot, and each can be both. But hot or cool, man, jazz is jazz."--Louis Armstrong. Translate it out of the jazz lingo or not, that's the gist of the gistless.


I guess if someone is a genius, she attracts a lot of dumb people. That's one way to tell you're a genius. Or it might just mean you're a luchador. Of one sort or another. You're a contender. You're making noise. Why these thoughts deep as nacho cheese? I'm watching some show about geniuses. And mice. In the experiment they just showed, the mouse that couldn't associate white noise with an electric shock is allegedly the dumber, non-genius mouse. (Why are we still shocking mice if we're so smart?) But I think I understand that "dumber" mouse--since the white noise around us never really changes. And existence itself is shocking. Maybe the dumb mouse in the genetic test is really the smarter one. Maybe he just doesn't buy superstitiously into the idea that he can control the horror of his existence. And about the contenders and the movers and shakers. History itself is now largely white noise. Which means history will get stirred more furiously. And you can be a very bright white streak, but be in some innermost energy paisley spermatozoa zoa. Meaning you might be buried in your own brightness solar flare under the new white noise model of history. The viral model of historical relevance seems to be shrinking. The concept of "viral" is redefined for each form of social media, each art and science. Some forms of viral success seem to mean more and have more durability than others. The meme of a new proof for Fermat's Theorem should ahould theoretically outlast an lolcats meme. But demarcating the boundaries of what constitutes a meme's outer limits is a tricky business. There is often overlap and overblown grandiosity (or more rarely, humility). These things confuse the ability to gauge something's viral potential, whether or not one is dealing with a possible meme.


emphaticism... by William Keckler
emphaticism..., a photo by William Keckler on Flickr.


please by William Keckler
please, a photo by William Keckler on Flickr.

cheerful puzzle to give people in nursing homes?

mutt images

thanks, Google!

thanks, Google! by William Keckler
thanks, Google!, a photo by William Keckler on Flickr.

how to explain a hurricane

According to Jeopardy...

According to Jeopardy, the first patent for a fax machine was filed in 1843. Could this possibly be true?

Write a Novel

Write a novel about a man whose face consistently appears to be in a state of orgasm, appears to be in various degrees of orgasmic "distress." Call this novel Mr. Orgasm Face.


For some reason, I cannot remember the name of this stupid hurricane. I keep misremembering it as "Hurricane Shirley." Hurricane McSorley. Anything but what it is. I think it's because the Shirleys I can remember are brassy and bold: Shirley Bassey. Shirley Jackson, the Partridge Mom. Fiery Shirley Chisholm. Shirley Manson in hawt pleather. Even Shirley Temple had ambassador-sized balls. Oh, and Shirley Hemphill (1944-99), R.I.P.!, of seventies sitcom What's Happenin!! Those are Shirleys. When I think of Sandys, I think of mousy Sandy from Grease (was there a Hurricane Danny earlier in the season?) or meek Sandy Duncan. Even Sandy Koufax seems shy and retiring for a famous athlete. A sandy is usually such a bland cookie--to me, anyway. A sandy is not a cookie that lives its cookie life "on the edge" like that totally depraved "Oreo-stuffed chocolate chip cookie." But I'm living with a hurricanephile, who is totally hyped-up and watching every foot Sandy moves on CNN, The Weather Channel and the rest with about the same degree of excitement he usually reserves for Lady Gaga or the cast of Glee. Just now, he yelled excitedly up the stairs, "The house just shook! It shook! Did you feel that?" Someone had just slammed a car door in front of our house. When I pointed this out, he insisted it was a hurricane jolt. Even though the wind is at about three miles per hour right now.

Can You Borrow Money...

Can you borrow money from F.E.M.A.? I mean as a normal civilian. I don't particularly need it right now, but I figured it might be a good time to hit them up since they're going to be doling out lots of money all over the place. You know how that phenomenon works. Just get in line and maybe they won't even ask any questions.


brusha by William Keckler
brusha, a photo by William Keckler on Flickr.

finding each other, several hundred million years ago

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Untruthful Parker Posey Factoid #986

Many people comment on the uncanny likeness between the actors Elizabeth Banks and Parker Posey. This is because there is no actor named Elizabeth Banks. "Elizabeth Banks" is an animatronic actor created by Parker Posey in her own image to "play herself" when she has a conflict of interest in accepting certain roles. If you carefully scrutinize the legal documents or tax filings of "Elizabeth Banks," you will discover all monies and royalties accrue to an umbrella corporation whose C.E.O is none other than...yep, you guessed it...Parker Posey. Note the clever way Posey has named her animatronic servant "Banks," a reference to her use as an income-generating tool. And further, E.B.'s name can be tellingly anagrammed to "She Talk An Be Biz."

Untruthful Parker Posey Factoid #987

Parker Posey's image appears on the currency of several foreign countries. This currency is legal tender in the states of New Jersey and Wyoming, and in the Canadian province of New Brunswick.

Untruthful Parker Posey Factoid #988

Parkey Posey once worked as a hat check girl. For the C.I.A.

Untruthful Parker Posey Factoid #989

Parker Posey was a child prodigy in LEGO (she built a functioning, scaled-down replica of C.E.R.N. in LEGO blocks at the age of five) and was offered a full scholarship to M.I.T. at seven, but turned it down because she wanted to explore "the informatics of Darwinian tic-tac-toe" and had become fully absorbed in her study of "four-dimensional checkers" by that point.

Untruthful Parker Posey Factoid #990

Parker Posey has the distinction of being the only human married to both Keanu Reeves and David Geffen at the same time and while the latter two were married to each other.

Untruthful Parker Posey Factoid #991

Parker Posey is not the actor's birth name. It's actually "Posey Parker." The inversion was opted for by P.P. long before the beginning of her film career, when cruel schoolchildren nicknamed her "Nosy Posey Parker."

Untruthful Parker Posey Factoid #992

The Inuit have 88 terms for "Parker Posey." These terms describe shade of Parker Posey, texture of Parker Posey and forcefulness of Parker Posey.

two dudes in japan

two dudes in japan by William Keckler
two dudes in japan, a photo by William Keckler on Flickr. is just awesome


Defacement Pleasures

You can deface Japanese textbook images to your heart's content here.

some dude

some dude by William Keckler
some dude, a photo by William Keckler on Flickr.

sad young dudes

sad young dudes by William Keckler
sad young dudes, a photo by William Keckler on Flickr.


Untitled by William Keckler
Untitled, a photo by William Keckler on Flickr.


Untitled by William Keckler
Untitled, a photo by William Keckler on Flickr.

family in the woods

family in the woods by William Keckler
family in the woods, a photo by William Keckler on Flickr.

Untruthful Parker Posey Factoid #993

Parker Posey sometimes performs musically with Bjork, Ann Magnuson and Sandra Bernhard as part of the Reykjavik Ta-Tas.

Untruthful Parker Posey Factoid #994

If you try to say "Parker Posey has a pretty parsley" five times really fast, you will end up saying something complimentary about a part of Parker Posey's physiognomy.

"Bloody Parker Posey": Untruthful Parker Posey Factoid #995

If you go into a dark bathroom and whisper, "Parkey Posey is not a gay icon!" three times, a bloody version of Parker Posey will appear on the dark side of the mirror and this apparition will reach through the glass and try to strangle you.

Untruthful Parkey Posey Factoid #996

Parker Posey invented the game Gay Chicken. She is the one making all the money from that "Fear the Gay Chicken" merchandise. 99% of the gay chicken videos on YouTube were actually cast and directed by Parker Posey herself.

Untruthful Parker Posey Factoid #997

Whenever Parker Posey is on set she is wearing a pair of panties that have the number "666" somewhere on them (embroidered, markered, etc.) This is a Posey phobia, and when Posey is without her "666"s she has been known to hold down production for hours at a time (and once even a day) until this situation is rectified.

Untruthful Parker Posey Factoid #998

Parker Posey has repeatedly stated that she wishes she had been able to fight in the Vietnam War on the side of the Viet Cong--but using only water balloons.


Untitled by William Keckler
Untitled, a photo by William Keckler on Flickr.


Untitled by William Keckler
Untitled, a photo by William Keckler on Flickr.


Untitled by William Keckler
Untitled, a photo by William Keckler on Flickr.

"send more vampires..."


Untitled by William Keckler
Untitled, a photo by William Keckler on Flickr.


Untitled by William Keckler
Untitled, a photo by William Keckler on Flickr.


Untitled by William Keckler
Untitled, a photo by William Keckler on Flickr.

Untruthful Parker Posey Factoid #999

Parker Posey is a board-certified cat anesthesiologist, though she seldom practices due to her acting and vampire-hunting obligations.

Untruthful Parker Posey Factoid #1000

Parker Posey has repeatedly claimed Shelley Duvall is the "single most important reason" she chose to become an actor.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Two Things

Two things almost "enough" to snap me out of this depression: 1) how bad Happy Tears (2010) is--what a waste of Parker Posey--and surprise that this is the director who did Teeth. Vide reviews. and 2) The Perkins commercials for every type of pancake on earth. This is giving me a will to live. Counter to these things is the great, non-existent visual art I'm making in my dreams and having a cat within six inches at all time. Oh, and one last thought--never act with children, animals or Rip Torn. Demi Moore looks great aging naturally here. Seeing Parker Posey and Demi Moore almost save this piece of crap movie. Poor (RL heiress) Ellen Barkin does look and act more like Gollum every time I see here. They even had her giggling and counting gold coins in the scene I just saw. It only increased the Gollum effect. Maybe if the wind started up I could get the urget to go outside with my camera. Some storm premonitory thing.

Hurricane Sandy Superstorm 2012

Has me eyeing the Zolpidem with great love. I guess I will duct tape the cats to the innermost walls of the house after putting astronaut suits on them. We'll all get through thanks to Tang, Lifetime Television movies (on hand held, pre-powered devices) and drugs. Neither my mom nor myself live in a flood plane. I do worry about low-lying kittehs in Steelton and low-lying kittehs in general. I guess now's a good time to give to UNESCO and the other charities. Haiti looks a mess again. Being depressed in a hurricane is no fun. But then being depressed in a non-hurricane isn't much more fun. When we lose power, if we do, I will become more "disturbed."

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Probably the Most "Elizabethan" of All Cocteau Twins Song

Lyrically anyway.

I remember this was their one hit that dominated the >120 Minutes alternative charts all that year and made the year's end list. Best of what? 1987? I'm probably way off. Guessing.


I think we've been promised a Liz Fraser solo album for like forever.

Last I heard it was definitely autumn of this year.

Unless I'm looking in the wrong places, no such album yet.

This is from a year or two ago, a song that memorializes a dead friend.


Red-shifted people.

Found Myself Hibernating Today: D O E M

Zolpidem plus cold air equals hibernation. I had so many dreams. I only woke up long enough to call my mother and check on her twice so since all was well I drifted back to sleep. The weirdest dream was one in which Woody Allen was making a ballet film called D O E M (I think it was pronounced "dumb") and had selected all amateurs to act this film in the forest (or was it a jungle?) rather in the way he chose amateur singers for Everybody Says I Love You. I thought the latter was a charming film, so who knows. Maybe the ballet on acorns thing would work. Seems doubtful though, now that I'm awake.

Jeremy Sisto

Jeremy Sisto is about to be murdered hideously on Lifetime Movie Network. I know because I've seen this gorefest of a movie before. LMN would not normally run fare this bloody. It must be the "Halloween Thing." Did Jeremy Sisto ever play Jesus? He looks like he would have a good Jesus in his repertoire. I really loved him in Six Feet Under and the movie Bongwater. In the latter, he reminded me of a living embodiment of Joe Brainard's soul, for some reason. I can never watch him in that movie and not think "Joe Brainard!" He should play Joe Brainard in a biopic. Would be awesome. Or is he already too old? Alicia Witt was really great in Bongwater too. I love watching her get frustrated and pissy in that. I saw here in a made for Lifetime movie and felt so bad for her. All her Alicia Wittiness was being drained from her by the script.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Why Am I Thinking About You?

I remember back when I was slutty I would always find myself attracted to guys who looked like you. For some reason, there are a lot of gay guys who look like you. And you were always so comfortable with gay men. In fact, I met you in a gay man's apartment. Where we were playing innocent word games. That creepy landlord with the infernal paintings on the first floor. He had to be a Satanist. You were close to S. He died. AIDS. Remember me getting mad at you that time we read at a poetry reading together and I thought that was an angry poem against S. because he had AIDS? And you told me "No, it wasn't that." But you were there. You shepherded him through to death. You and your adorable wife. You always had such a wonderful "surprise" face. Like a small child your eyes would grow quickly large with such joy. Everyone thinks you're gay even now, don't they? I remember at the Philip Glass concert I thought some gay man was you and I approached him amidst his gorgeous posse and he was so amused and weirded out. I kept saying your name. It wasn't you. But you missed gay by like one percent, I'm guessing. That makes no sense. Insert an lol here. But it's true. S. died and we saw each other here and there around the city by chance. I remember at Panera I was with my Mother and you were on your laptop. And in the liquor store a few years back. For some reason I worried just seeing you going in a liquor store though I have no reason to worry you're an alcoholic. You are one of the nicest men I know. You know more about medicine than anyone I ever met. But that's your field. Your practice always blossoms. You have a bazillion brothers. I'm happy your marriage turned out to be the real thing. I remember when I worried about having AIDS how you talked to me in a realistic way about mortality. I still don't get mortality. I'm still a four year old. And you've seen so many people die. Including S. I would like to make you sit down in a room and write out everything about S. even though you've (apparently) given up writing. I know it would be so true. So beautiful. Like you.

Mo' Weird Shit

The shit I worry about. I got all stressed out today about a kitten I've never seen. My Mom said their cat, Celica, who is a black cat, has been going about with a kitten that is a mirror image of her. Nobody knows where she "got this." She's fixed and my brother didn't check her for nipples (I asked in case she's nursing a brood "in the wild") but insists it's impossible this fixed cat had her own kittens. So she found this kitten somewhere? I think it's so adorable that she adopted a kitten. They had been worrying because Celica's been staying out an ungodly amount of hours each day. Now we know why. Today she came trotting into the house leading her young charge. A ten year old boy in the neighborhood came knocking at my mother's door begging to adopt the kitten. This stressed me out because even though I bear a certain irrational "grudge" towards Celica (she tripped my Mom and caused the shoulder break no surgeon could fix and began my Mom's rapid decline) I felt really bummed out that this kid would adopt her "child" and she would be left bereft and with no possible "explanation." My brother said the family that is (apparently) adopting the kitten lives right down the street. So it's possible Celica will be able to keep tabs on "her" child unless the kitten is kept locked away and she never knows. It's strange that Celica avoids me like the plague and comes around when Lee shows up (even though he used to trim her nails, which she hates). Either she psychically knows I have that irrational grudge (and of course I would never be mean to her) or else it's simply that she's afraid of that camera I'm always using to try to capture her image. I haven't captured her image once. She's the fastest cat I have ever encountered...which is why she ended up tripping my Mom. She is truly possessed of a supernal speed.

"Grandneice!" I meant "Grandniece!"

Earlier today I said I wanted the Halloween parade to take place tonight so I could see my "greatniece" march in it.

I meant "grandniece," the daughter of my niece!

What do I know about family? I avoid almost everybody, family included. So how would I be expected to know the terminology?

The Greatest Living Photographer I Ever Met (As Opposed to All the Dead Ones I Met)

This one would be easy: Sean Simmers.

We actually had an art class together sometime back in the Stone Age.

Simmers was an art major and already a gifted artist. I remember going to the university shows and seeking out his work (usually paintings). I remember wanting to buy some of his art, but because of my usual impecuniosity that never happened. I was just in complete awe of him. I couldn't stop staring at him whenever he was around. It's that thing when you just know someone is a genius. Of course, I was too terrified to speak to him, although he made friends easily and was never less than approachable to anyone. I remember him once speaking to me, making a quip of a few words in the awkward silence after we had both finished an exam and were waiting for the Time's up" announcement. And I remember feeling thrilled that he had spoken to me. Yes, I got "artist crushes" even as a young dude. His was one of those minds I wanted to analyze--every bit as much as the minds of those artists in the course textbook that lay before me. (I was as creepy then as I am creepy now. But, you know, I did have good taste).

Simmers graduated from the Institute for the Arts in Philly and then returned to Harrisburg and began work as a photojournalist. A step down, you might say? Well, you'd be wrong, wrong to a mortifying degree if you said that.

Anyone with even a tenth of a visual sense could always spot Simmers' work in our local Patriot-News, and it wasn't long before he began getting national recognition in the form of awards. And then more national recognition. And then more...

He's done promotional and album work for a number of nationally known bands, as well as some really great local bands. That was another world Simmers moved effortlessly within--the world of alternative rockers and the techno-digerati.

Well, if you simply check out the galleries on his site you'll see what I mean, what I'm talking about, and why I'm raving just now. I actually just checked in with his website after not seeing his work for quite some time (haven't taken the local newspaper in ages) and was as wowed as I've ever been by the caliber of work.

He's a world-class photographer. I'm not speaking glibly or stating an opinion based on a few hours of familiarity with his work. I'm speaking from decades of admiration.

Simmers can be Weegee or Edward Weston. He can be by turns Cecil Beaton, Cindy Sherman or Nan Goldin. Of course, he's really none of those people. He's himself. But I mean the plasticity of his visual imagination is fluent in all "those languages" and he can change registers in a hummingbird's heartbeat. That quick-on-his-feet thing, that legerete, is probably a result of his choice to work in photojournalism. I'd imagine a fast thinker will become faster there--or else perish.

His early training as a painter has clearly served him well in his work, where the sense of design and rarefied palette are almost always apt to make the viewer run to the vocabulary of painting to describe what one is seeing when faced with these stellar tableaux.

There are people I simply see as forces of nature. This photographer is one of those.

I feel incredibly lucky to have experienced his work. I know he's one of those artists who will be as amazing at eighty-two as he was at twenty-eight.

your lovely tail

your lovely tail by William Keckler
your lovely tail, a photo by William Keckler on Flickr.

fluent river of squirrel

sun through bamboo

sun through bamboo by William Keckler
sun through bamboo, a photo by William Keckler on Flickr.


Untitled by William Keckler
Untitled, a photo by William Keckler on Flickr.

"I got this..."

"I got this..." by William Keckler
"I got this...", a photo by William Keckler on Flickr.


Untitled by William Keckler
Untitled, a photo by William Keckler on Flickr.