Tuesday, March 5, 2013

I Was Completely Wrong

I was completely wrong about the temperature outside! I put on my big Iceland coat and walked out the door and it was spring! Wait, capitalize that: Spring! So I went back in, changed into a jacket and put the silly gloves away. But I kept the hat. Probably just an emotional decision more than a meteorological one, but one must allow oneself some eccentricties.. And to think all that snow is heading our way and we're plunging back into winter tomorrow. I thought of Willy's "Why didst thou promise such a beautous day..." Iambic pentameter is good for walking to, nice walking rhythm. I walked what I think was 2 miles to a Dollar Store and back. Some steep streets too. I haven't been exercising my lower body nearly as much as my upper body because it's my upper body that gets neglected. My legs are strong. I used to ride an exercise bike like mad while watching t.v. Did I wash my hands? I must have, because I always do when I come in. I say because that cashier who looked more than a little sick sneezed right into her hands before handling my items. I stayed to my commitment and only bought vegetarian type items. I don't know if something is vegan or not--I can't even read the tiny print ingredients on a lot of things without glasses. And I never wear my glasses--actually they're someone else's glasses. I really need a new pair of shoes and I want them to be running shoes but there's nowhere within walking distance. I can't get on buses with social anxiety. Taxis are not bon marche enough. I'm not posh. I live in Steelton.

I've been drinking from the same gallon of ice tea for 17 days so I'm doing very well with restraint in things. I remember when I could polish one of those off in like two nights. Not that I should have been doing that. I had my camera with me of course so I took a bunch of photos. I liked going through the neighborhood where the person I love most grew up as a boy. I tried to imagine what things in the neighborhood would draw his attention. I know where one of his houses was here and I did pass it because it was on the way. I also passed his dentist. He has a crush on his dentist, which I think is cute. I keep imaging dentist porn.

I was friendly to people. I helped a woman find an address on Mohn Street although I have no idea how I did because I am terrible with addresses. We just walked together. She was a very short woman with a big Jamaican booty. I asked her what the business was and she said she didn't know, she only knew the address. God, I hope I didn't direct her to a serial killer or something! Wouldn't that be just like my karma.

I talked to a cat lady but I'm not going to put "crazy" before that. She actually feeds them outside because she can't have them inside (allergic) and she has a German Shepherd. I think she's very sweet, an older lady, and she has two kitty houses on her porch that are not heated but at least have hay and afford protection from the wind. I photographed one of her cats (black one) on the street. He was really interested in my camera.

I stood across from the steel mill and listened to the workings of the machines for a short time. It used to be Bethlehem Steel and now it's Mittal Arcelor. The Germans own it. I remember one time getting a wrong number for the mill at the house here and it was a guy speaking with a German accent. I said, "You're trying to reach the steel mill, aren't you?" and he said "Yes, how did you know this?" Heh. I wondered if some of the sounds were my brother working. Because that's his part of the mill. He's been there since he was a teenager. He makes hella good money.

I saw a couple things that stopped me (and my camera) in my tracks. I saw these two trees so in love it made my heart nearly break. I had passed that way (Stikle Street) before but I had never seen those trees so madly, deeply in love! God, I hope that photo--or at least one of the many I took on that street--came out!

People were nicer to me everywhere. Younger people said hello. When I had long hair, everyone was afraid of me. I guess they figured I was Charles Manson or something scarier.

It was funny because when I was talking to the (not crazy) cat lady this young black dude with a backpack and very intellectual looking glasses came loping down the street and he nodded and smiled to me but when Jeannie said "Hello" to him from her porch above he just blew her off coldly lol. But then he went in an adjacent dwelling, so maybe there's a stigma involved in talking to the cat lady on the street. Poor cat lady! She's a freakin boddhisatva to cats. Cat food ain't cheap. She was carrying in a humongous bag.

I feel guilty being inside while the sun's still shining but I think I'm walked out. My batteries need to recharge and I should check to see what I got on the digital buddy and upload. People on Flickr have been so generous with me lately. I really love my posse there. Everybody I follow is amazing. Seriously. They make me believe the world was put here for a reason. And that's not an easy trick to pull. Television gives me the exact opposite feeling of the feeling I get from Flickr. Virtually every show on television subliminally says to me, "We're just puttin in time until we're dead." Flickr is "I'm ALIIIIIIIIIIIIIVE!"

Some crazy man is shouting his way down the street. I'm happy to say that doesn't happen very often.

This street is mostly geriatrics. I think a few kids have moved in though. Or else those are just students that linger sometimes. We get some student foot traffic down our street.

I"m so happy my mom is surrounded by people who love her today and I'm sorry I can't join her. But we talked already and will talk again later. My brother is getting her a great cake. We're finally seeing the benefits of that program I worked so hard to get her enrolled into. Today a cardiologist visited her in her home. She was going to do X-rays in my mom's bedroom too (these are just wellness check things) but she couldn't carry in the 200 lb equipment herself and had no coworkers. Now if my Mom gets dehydrated she doensn't have to go through hospital hell. She can have an i.v. right in her bedroom. Kudos to Pennsylvania for having this program and kudos to Obama for keeping funding in place that allows things like this. If that devil had gotten in, this program would surely have been dissolved. The money would have probably gone to the Pentagon for an imaginary war with Russia. And hey, why is that guy still talking anyway? (Please don't say the same to me.)

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