Thursday, March 7, 2013

Ugly Shirts: Photos from Today

I decided to look in my closet for some fugly shirts I could try on and wear for photos.

It was a playful, distracting thing.

And it's progress. In the past, I couldn't bear to take my own photograph. I could only show parts of my face if at all. It was part of the general self-hatred of the sickness of an addict.

Then I still cared how people would judge my appearance in the wrong sort of way. Now I worry about things like taking care of my health and hygiene and I don't worry what my face looks like to other people. It's my face. I was sort of born with it.

Well, I didn't speak the entire truth. There is one person I wish could see my face as special. Uh duh.

Anyway, I don't know why I ever bought these shirts (well, the horses one is sorta cute).

The one looks like something a dead coke addict might have been found in on the street back when Miami Vice was on the air.

These aren't things I'd post to my Flickr or anything like that obviously. I consider them part of an addict's recovery journal.

My hand is over my heart for a reason and I make the peace sign for a reason.

 One person is that reason.

I think my Greekness shows in a few of these and I'm happy with that. Go, Greeks!


  1. A George Michael (b. Georgios Kyriacos Panagiòtou) doppelgänger!
    I think there is a familial connection here- have you ever done your genealogy?

  2. Kim, that was VERY kind of you. My computer is all messed up right now (constant shaky screen that will give me a migraine if I try to use it) but I was able to read your comment by going back and forth for a few minutes. I used to get comparisons to him quite frequently when younger. But I'm happy you saw that likeness in pics taken yesterday. I hadn't been taking care of myself and lately I have been trying harder. I couldn't believe my BP today was 117/81. I haven't had BP that good since the early nineties. And without meds, just exercise. (I miss someone so bad and those pics were a way of trying to reach out to him, to show him changes.) Doubt I'm related to the great singer/songwriter...a lot of us Greek descent guys share certain looks. I think George is very cute and love his music so your comparison lifted my spirits some. I won't be online in any real way until I can get this darn thing fixed. I was just checking email and it gives me notifications about comments and it was worth the eyestrain to respond to such kind words. Bless you and yours! Bill